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Alan Slade


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Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015, 09:52

Eizo EV2436 or EV2455?

Good morning.
I can't decide between these two monitors.
The 2436 costs 100 euros less than the 2455, and after reading the reviews about them, I haven't found what are the differences between them.
Apart from the speakers, hdmi port and slimmer bezels, in what the 2455 is bettere than the 2436?
Thanks a lot.
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Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015, 20:25

My english isn't much better than school basics. I hope it's not to bad to read ;).

Exactly that are the two monitors I've had here. Well, the 2455 is here again but I will this explain later.
At first the design point. The 2436 looks very much like '90s Hardware and the 2455 is more puristic and it has touch buttons. But thats no harm they're working really good!

The IPS panel coating is different to. I'm coming from a Fujitsu p22w-5 and IMHO it's similar to 2436 and some saying the coating of the 2436 is to agressive. I don't think so, it's ok.
But to be true the coating of the 2455 is softer and for me it's a little bit easier to read from the panel.
Generally I find letters a little bit more blurry than on p22w-5 or 2455.

And still others a saying the display color 6500k looks yellow(ish?). I experienced this problem too. That shouldn't happen!

To come to an end: I sent the 2436 back cause of it's heavy backround bleeding (or "halation", says the translate tool) in the corners.
Ans this is exactly the same problem which the 2455 has too! Not so much like the 2436 bit it exists and if you're watching a movie, playing dark games etc. you're noticing it easily.
Above all it's a factory spread problem. Some are good, some neutral and some are bad. So this could happen at Nec, Iiyama and other manufacturers too...sadly.
If I find a 2455 panel which hasn't heavy lightning corners I'll kept it definitively :)!!!

I hope I could help ;)!
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