Grafik Grafik Grafik Grafik



Häggviksvägen 25
S-191 50 Sollentuna

Telefon: +46 (0)844 - 18444
Telefax: +46 (0)844 - 18441


75 inch Displays

Swedex SDS75K6-01

65 inch Displays

Swedex SDS65K6-01

58 inch Displays

Swedex MX-580101
Swedex SDS58K6-01
Swedex SDS58X6-01
Swedex SWB-58-DF-A2
Swedex SWB-584K-DF-A1
Swedex SWB-584K-DF-A2
Swedex SWBT-584K-DF-A1
Swedex SWBT-584K-DF-A2
Swedex SWD-58-A2

50 inch Displays

Swedex MX-500101-4K
Swedex SDS50K6-01
Swedex SDS50X6-01
Swedex SWB-504K-DF-A1
Swedex SWB-504K-DF-A2
Swedex SWBT-504K-DF-A1
Swedex SWBT-504K-DF-A2
Swedex SWD-50-A2
Swedex SWD-504K-DF-A2
Swedex SWV-504K-A2
Swedex SWW-504K-01

47 inch Displays

Swedex UMX-470101

46 inch Displays

Swedex SDS46X6-01
Swedex SWD-46-A2
Swedex SWW46-01
Swedex UMX-460101

42 inch Displays

Swedex SDS42K6-01
Swedex SWB-424K-DF-A1
Swedex SWB-424K-DF-A2
Swedex SWD-424K-A2
Swedex SWW-424K-01

40 inch Displays

Swedex SDS40X6-01
Swedex SWB-40-A2
Swedex SWB-40-A2-F
Swedex SWD-40-A2
Swedex SWW40-01

32 inch Displays

Swedex SDS32X6-01
Swedex SWD-32-A2
Swedex SWW32-01

19 inch Displays

Swedex XV1-19AV-AS1
Swedex XV1-19AV-BE1
Swedex XV1-19AV-SP1
Swedex XV1-19TV-AS1
Swedex XV1-19TV-AS1 8ms
Swedex XV1-19TV-BE1
Swedex XV1-19TV-BE1 8ms
Swedex XV1-19TV-SP1
Swedex XV1-19TV-SP1 8ms

17 inch Displays

Swedex XMAV1-17AS1
Swedex XMAV1-17BE1
Swedex XMAV1-17SP1
Swedex XMTV1-17AS1
Swedex XMTV1-17BE1
Swedex XMTV1-17SP1
Swedex XV1-17AS1
Swedex XV1-17BE1
Swedex XV1-17SP1
Swedex XVAV1-17AS1
Swedex XVAV1-17BE1
Swedex XVAV1-17SP1
Swedex XVTV1-17AS1
Swedex XVTV1-17BE1
Swedex XVTV1-17SP1

15 inch Displays

Swedex XV1-15AS1
Swedex XV1-15BE1
Swedex XV1-15SP1

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