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Lenovo Deutschland GmbH

Gropiusplatz 10
70563 Stuttgart

Telefon: +49 (0)800 55 11 330

30 inch Displays

Lenovo LT3053p

29 inch Displays

Lenovo LT2934z

28 inch Displays

Lenovo 28 60B6GAT1
Lenovo Pro2820
Lenovo Pro2840m

27 inch Displays

Lenovo L27q-10
Lenovo ThinkVision P27
Lenovo ThinkVision P27h-10
Lenovo ThinkVision X1
Lenovo Y27f
Lenovo Y27g
Lenovo Y27g RE

24 inch Displays

Lenovo L2440p
Lenovo L2440x
Lenovo L2461x
Lenovo L24q-10
Lenovo LS2421p
Lenovo LT2423
Lenovo LT2452p
Lenovo T2424p
Lenovo T2424z
Lenovo T2454p
Lenovo ThinkVision 24
Lenovo ThinkVision P24h-10
Lenovo ThinkVision T24d
Lenovo ThinkVision T24i-10
Lenovo ThinkVision X24
Lenovo ThinkVision X24 Pro
Lenovo Tiny-in-One 24
Lenovo X24

23 inch Displays

Lenovo E2323
Lenovo L2321x
Lenovo LT2323p
Lenovo LT2323z
Lenovo T2324p
Lenovo ThinkVision T2324d
Lenovo ThinkVision T23i
Lenovo ThinkVision T23i-10
Lenovo Tiny-in-One

22 inch Displays

Lenovo D221 Wide
Lenovo D222 Wide
Lenovo E2223s
Lenovo E2224
Lenovo L215
Lenovo L215p
Lenovo L220x Wide
Lenovo L222
Lenovo L2230x
Lenovo L2230x silver
Lenovo L2240p
Lenovo L2240P (R40HBEU)
Lenovo L2240P (T40HBEU)
Lenovo L2250p
Lenovo L2251p
Lenovo L2251x
Lenovo LS2221
Lenovo LS2223
Lenovo LS2251
Lenovo LT2223p
Lenovo LT2223z
Lenovo LT2252p
Lenovo T2220
Lenovo T2224p
Lenovo T2224z
Lenovo T2254
Lenovo T2254p
Lenovo ThinkVision T22
Lenovo ThinkVision T2224d
Lenovo ThinkVision T2224d-IPS
Lenovo ThinkVision T22i-10
Lenovo Tiny-in-One 22

20 inch Displays

Lenovo L200p Wide
Lenovo L201p
Lenovo L2021
Lenovo L2060 W
Lenovo LT2013p
Lenovo LT2013s
Lenovo LT2024
Lenovo T2014
Lenovo T2054p

19 inch Displays

Lenovo D186 Wide (R80ABEU)
Lenovo D186 Wide (T80ANEU)
Lenovo E1922
Lenovo L1900
Lenovo L1900p
Lenovo L1900p silver
Lenovo L190x
Lenovo L191
Lenovo L191P
Lenovo L192 Wide
Lenovo L192p
Lenovo L193
Lenovo L193p
Lenovo L193w
Lenovo L194 Wide
Lenovo L1940
Lenovo L1940P
Lenovo L195
Lenovo L1951p
Lenovo L1952p
Lenovo L197
Lenovo L197 Wide
Lenovo L197p
Lenovo LS1922
Lenovo LS1951
Lenovo LT1913p
Lenovo LT1952p
Lenovo LT1953

18 inch Displays

Lenovo T860

17 inch Displays

Lenovo L1700p
Lenovo L171
Lenovo L1711p
Lenovo L171p
Lenovo L174
Lenovo LT1712p
Lenovo LT1713p
Lenovo LT1714p
Lenovo T1714p
Lenovo ThinkVision T1714p

15 inch Displays

Lenovo L151

14 inch Displays

Lenovo LT1421

13 inch Displays

Lenovo LT1423p

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