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REVIEW: Samsung 275T Part 12


If you are looking for a large monitor that delivers an image that is rich in contrast and offers a large colour space and that is relatively user-friendly, the Samsung SyncMaster 275T will certainly be a good choice.

Many of the negative points we mentioned – such as the imprecise brightness control and lack of RGB adjustment – should rarely or never get in the way of the average user. For professional graphics work, however, they are a marked hindrance, even though the SyncMaster 275T is suited to this area in principle and also passes the UGRA certification test in all aspects.

Overall, the Samsung 27-inch monitor is a good all-rounder for office users who also like to watch the occasional DVD or play a game every so often. However, users who wish to edit their holiday photos now and then and do not have a Colorimeter should not be surprised if the very strong colours on the SyncMaster 275T provided by its extended colour space do not appear as well after printing or when displayed on a different monitor.

The Samsung 275T features an excellent panel with great potential, but this potential is not entirely realised: The control electronics are in need of some improvement, since with a precisely functioning backlight dimmer, perfectly balanced overdrive and a pre-defined sRGB profile as the icing on the cake, the SyncMaster 275T could have earned a rating of very good and would also have proved to be one of the best all-round devices.

Overall rating: GOOD

Technical specification: Samsung 275T

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