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REVIEW: Samsung 275T Part 4

The quality of the buttons is acceptable; they give good tactile feedback, are not wobbly and are well fitted into the cover of the monitor. The Samsung 275T’s OSD (On Screen Display) can be accessed using the menu button; here, the submenus "input", "image", "MagicColor", "PiP" (Picture in Picture) and "settings" are available.

Here are some pictures and notes on the menus and settings of the SyncMaster 275T:


Practical: the "input" menu informs the user about the status of the monitor.

In the "input" menu, the user can select the individual input sources of the LCD monitor and even assign them names within the menu - e.g. the Component input can be named "DVD player". In addition, the current status of the monitor (resolution and frequency) is shown here.


In the "image" menu, the "MagicBright" function can be changed to provide more brilliant contrast. In addition, the colour profile can also be selected here, the format can be selected from between 4:3 and 16:10 and PiP display can be activated.


The "MagicColor" option allows the user to adjust the Samsung 275T’s MagicColor function. MagicColor provides glowing, particularly intense colours. Different colour temperatures can also be selected here and the gamma value can be adjusted.

The "6-color setting” can be used to adjust the individual colour channels. Unfortunately, adjustment is quite coarse, with just 100 steps available (standard: 50%).


In the "PiP" menu, the image source, size and position can be selected and the PiP function can be activated or deactivated.


Here, the user can adjust the menu language and transparency of the OSD as well as restore factory settings.

Despite its well-laid out controls, the OSD menu itself is rather difficult to use, with an arrangement of individual options that is not always practical. For users who change settings on their monitors only seldom, however, these points are negligible.

The SyncMaster 275T offers all necessary functions and also a (limited) 6-axis colour control and gamma adjustment. However, it is a pity that Samsung does not offer any software which would allow all settings to be adjusted via the PC or even offer additional functions.

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