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REVIEW: Samsung 275T Part 8

Comparison of the calibrated profile with sRGB

Calibrated sRGB Goal Measured
6500 6500
140 140
0,00 0,10
sRGB (~2,2) 2,18
max. 1394

With the large deviation of the primary (Red, Green, Blue) and secondary colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) from sRGB, the main advantage of the extended gamut comes to light when the user wants to go back to the smaller sRGB colour space.

The 6-Axis colour control should enable the user to reduce the monitor colour space. However, unfortunately, it is difficult, to accomplish this on the Samsung 275T, even with the necessary calibration tools: the imprecise backlight control electronics alone mean that deviations occur repeatedly which then need to be balanced. After hours of adjusting in a trial-and-error process, we arrived at a recognisable improvement with the following values:

Saturation: Red 47, Green 34, Blue 50, Cyan 32, Magenta 50, Yellow 36
Colour tone: Red 48, Green 42, Blue 50, Cyan 53, Magenta 37, Yellow 49

Representation of the RGB correction curve of the graphics card after sRGB calibration. The closer the three coloured lines are to the 45° axis, the fewer colours need to be discarded to calibrate the graphics card and the more complete the colour gradients remain.

Despite the restricted possibilities for adjustment, the Samsung SyncMaster 275T fulfils all UGRA criteria for screen display when calibrated and receives certification in all points. Thus, whoever has enough patience for it can complete professional graphics work with this 27-inch monitor – but it is not convenient.

Summary of the UGRA certification protocol. The detailed UGRA report can be downloaded as a PDF document.

As a conclusion for this section, we can summarise: for colour-accurate work in the sRGB colour space, you will not get by without a Colorimeter complete with software and a program such as Photoshop. In the factory settings, the monitor allows the user to work well in the ECI 2.0 working colour space.

Users for whom graphics work is not a priority can be satisfied with the extended colour space and pleased with the excellent, contrast-rich, colourful image quality. The SyncMaster 275T also has the necessary potential for graphics work.

However, the detail is lacking, so graphics artists will need a lot of patience for calibration. The back control electronics of the backlight also comes into play here, making calibration a Sisyphean task.

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