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REVIEW: LG Flatron M2794D Part 2

Design and mechanics

High-gloss plastic in piano-lacquer design has been used by TV manufacturers for some years already to increase the visual quality of the exterior. The LG M2794D is no exception. The front and back of the model have a high-gloss finish and only the semi-transparent end plate on the front provides an optical accent.

The LG M2794D from the front and back.

The round base has also been finished in high gloss and thus fits in seamlessly with the design of the exterior. The design is very fluid and round, especially at the back. Unfortunately, there is no VESA100 fixture. This means that the model cannot be mounted on a wall.

The base of the LG M2794D.

The large high-gloss applications polarise opinion: either you like them or you don’t. In any case, the exterior of the LG M2794D requires careful handling and regular maintenance. Dust and fingerprints are visible immediately and careless cleaning leaves behind ugly scratches. Here, you should always use a damp micro-fibre cloth.

Side view of the LG M2794D.

Apart from the base, which is somewhat too light, the manufacturing quality of the model is good. This is reflected in narrow spacing and flat plastic surfaces which have no dents. However, a little less plastic and more metal would have made the model’s appearance even more elegant.

The LG M2749D without base.

The LG M2794D cannot be adjusted in height. This is also normal for LCD TVs, but would have been helpful with regard to the use of the model as a PC monitor with a TN panel.

The maximum tilting angle backwards is around 10 degrees. This is sufficient to mean that a colorimeter does not have to be fixed during measurements. The maximum tilting angle forwards is about 3 degrees.

A 350 degree rotating option allows the LG M2794D to be turned horizontally, almost completely on its own axis. Rubber pads under the base should prevent the model from slipping. Still, additional weight would have been very helpful on smooth surfaces.

The maximum viewing angles forwards and backwards can be seen in the images.

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