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REVIEW: LG Flatron M2794D Part 5

A sub-menu contains additional functions. In PC usage, the colour temperature can only be changed to two levels ("6500K", "9300K") and in video mode, it can be adjusted to three levels ("Cold", "Medium", "Warm"). Fortunately, there are three RGB- contrast regulators (in many devices, these are referred to as RGB Gain regulators or are simply labelled "Red", "Green" and "Blue"), which allow the user to set the values. The screen gamma can be set to one of three levels ("Low", "Medium", "High"). Other functions only affect video signals. We will look at these in more detail in the "Video signal processing" section.


Here, the user can access a rudimentary equaliser, establish the output format for the toslink output (Dolby Digital and PCM) and mute the integrated speakers.


The integrated clock can be set via this menu option. In addition, the user can define on and off times and activate a short-term sleep timer.


This point contains various options for which the manufacturer did not wish to create individual main menu points. Accordingly, the functions are colourfully tossed together here. Thus, the menu language can be set, the OSD can be restored to its factory settings and the overdrive implementation ("RTC") can be controlled amongst other things.


This menu option allows individual channels to be locked and a system password to be provided which ensures that the factory settings are not restored accidentally.

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