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REVIEW: LG Flatron M2794D Part 8

Measurements and calibration

Below, we tested the LG M2794D with regard to its colour fidelity and checked how well the LCD monitor could be calibrated. The results are mainly of interest for graphics and photo editing. For office use and games, they are mainly negligible, since the subjective impression is more important here.

We first measured the maximum colour space of the LCD and compared it with the ISO Coated printing colour space and the sRGB, AdobeRGB and ECI-RGB 2.0 colour spaces.

Colour space comparison

sRGB is the lowest common denominator for the interaction between various input and output devices in the consumer sector. In addition, Windows assumes sRGB if no colour profile is present for a device or graphics file.

Many colour printers work on normal paper with the sRGB profile. This is also why the sRGB colour space is significant for "normal users" unlike the ISO Coated printing colour space.

The comparison of the monitor’s colour space with the ISO Coated colour space used in offset printing is also interesting, since this generally represents the least that modern inkjet printers can manage. Many modern inkjet printers can also cover even larger ranges.

ISO Coated: 97 % coverage

Three-dimensional comparison of the monitor colour space with the "ISO Coated" reference colour space used in offset printing.

We also measured how well the LG M2794D covers various colour spaces. The sRGB coverage is important for normal users. On the other hand, AdobeRGB is of interest for graphics workers and photographer, as is ECI-RGB 2.0. Through the extended colour space, we expect good results, especially for the last two colour spaces.

Explanation of 3D views: The black grid represents the respective standard colour space and the white grid represents the monitor’s colour space. The coloured cube represents the actual intersection between both colour spaces. The monitor’s colour space can no longer display the standard colour space where the black grid protrudes beyond the cube. If the monitor’s colour space is larger than the respective standard colour space, the white grid protrudes beyond the cube.

sRGB: 94 % coverage

AdobeRGB: 82 % coverage

ECI 2.0: 73 % coverage

The ISO Coated colour space is almost completely covered at 97 percent. The coverage of the sRGB colour space is sufficient at 94 percent, but there are some places, especially in the blue area, in which the sRGB colour space protrudes beyond the model’s colour space. AdobeRGB coverage is weak for a model with an extended colour space at 82 percent. The same applies for the comparison with the ECI 2.0 colour space, which is covered less well at 73 percent.

Neither fish nor fowl: overall, the results here are not so convincing. Ideally, LG should have done without an extended colour space for the M2794D or should have extended it considerably with regard to AdobeRGB and ECI 2.0.

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