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REVIEW: LG Flatron W2600HP Part 18


The LG W2600HP does not have an easy job finding a market niche for itself amid the tough 26- and 27-inch competition in the form of the NEC LCD2690WUXi, designed for graphics work, and the currently uncontested cheapest multimedia all-rounder, the Dell 2709W. We should also not forget the also very good Eizo SX2761W, although this is in a different price league with its price of around 1.400,00 Euro.

The Koreans cannot please serious graphics workers with their 26-inch model. The minimum brightness is to too high for this and the brightness distribution and grey gradient resolution are not as good as on the excellent (but 350.00 Euro more expensive) LCD2690WUXi, which still offers the best conditions for press-ready photo editing with Photoshop, InDesign and Co. thanks to its 12-Bit LUT.

The subjective image quality on the LG W2600HP is brilliant, the viewing angles are almost perfect and the dynamic contrast regulation in User mode is uncommonly good in the factory settings. However, the Dell 2709W also offers all this and is also ahead in terms of black value, since the S-IPS panel in the LG model is naturally unable to keep up with the S-PVA technology from Samsung. If you then look at the range of features offered by the Dell 2709W at a competitive price of 600.00 Euro, the question arises: what does the LG W2600HP offer that the Dell model does not have?

Nonetheless, the Korean model with its S-IPS panel does actually manage to find the precise market gap which neither the too expensive NEC LCD2690WUXi nor the Dell 2709Wm which is afflicted by input lag, can claim: demanding gamers who ideally wish to combine the speed of a TN panel with the image quality offered by IPS or VA technology.

Unlike the NEC (1 to 2 frames) and Dell (3 frames) models, the average lag on the LG W2600HP is negligible, even for hardcore gamers, a less than one frame. Moving pictures may not look quite as clean as on the fastest two millisecond bullets, but whoever can do without the last speed boost will be rewarded with brilliant colours and richness of contrast.

To put it briefly: demanding graphics workers would be best advised to opt for the NEC LCD2690WUXi (1.000,00 Euro), demanding gamers will be choosing the right model with the LG W2600HP (580,00 Euro) and the Dell 2709W (600,00 Euro) offers a little of everything.

Overall rating: GOOD

Technical specification: LG W2600HP

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