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REVIEW: LG Flatron W2600HP Part 3

In the lower edge, a silver-grey strip meets the frame in which the buttons and elegant power sensor are located. The high-gloss base, which contrasts with the monitor’s exterior and arm, provides an additional accent and fits in harmonically with the overall picture – provided that it is cleaned regularly.

The rounded power sensor is certainly the design highlight of the W2600HP, especially when the monitor is use and the LED is glowing.

Simple, but still elegant and rock solid: the design concept is convincing.

The rotating plate allows the screen to be turned 180 degrees left and right. The joint functions fluidly and smoothly, but offers enough resistance to ensure that it does not give way every time a button is pushed.

The screw used for fixing the base can be removed with the aid of the turning handle on the monitor.

The tilting joint on the monitor allows the user to tilt the monitor by up to 5 degrees forwards and a maximum of 20 degrees backwards. Like the rotating plate, the tilting joint also works smoothly and fluidly.

The W2600HP does not offer a portrait mode (pivot function), but this would only be used seriously by a very small number of users. Instead, the monitor offers a height-adjustable pillar base. This allows the screen to be raised to a height of up to 15,9 cm above the table surface.

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