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REVIEW: LG Flatron W2600HP Part 5

Controls and OSD

Controls on the W2600HP involve five buttons which are located on the left in the lower frame of the monitor. These are not push buttons, but are what are known as "Touch Keys", or sensors which respond when touched with the fingers.

This means that the buttons are not visible. Only the labelling marks the sensor surface, which pays off optically in any case. In a darkened room, however, it is unfortunately difficult to find the buttons, since they cannot be felt and the black text does not stand out sufficiently well from the background.

With the W2600HP, LG has moved away from haptic push buttons and has opted instead of invisible touch keys.

The power button on the right of the monitor is pleasing not just because of its elegant, rounded appearance, but also because it is illuminated with a blue LED when in use. Strictly speaking, not only the switch is illuminated, but also the frosted glass surface on top of it. This is because the power button is also a touch key and when the aluminium bow is touched lightly, the LG W2600HP starts up: cool!

When this occurs, a short melody sounds which comes from an invisible speaker within the monitor. In addition, each time a button is pushed, a brief sound can be heard as audible button feedback and brings us to long-forgotten memories of the music of our first Gameboys or our first mobile phones.

For those who are irritated by the peeping or still need time to adjust, it is possible to select between two different tones and deactivated sound in the system settings.

The illuminated power button when the monitor is switched off.

The illuminated power button in standby mode.

Optically, the menu is simple and clear. The slight transparency gives the OSD a hint of Windows Vista. Those who have already used an LG monitor will notice that the OSD is absolutely identical to other models such as the L227WT.

The tried and tested look and simple construction make navigation possible with a small number of clicks. The well-known negative aspects are unfortunately also present. As usual, all setting bars for brightness, contrast and colour channels are divided into 100 steps, whereby with the colours, the user can only choose from 50 steps, since the pre-selected value of 50 already corresponds to the "full" colour palette and only the saturation is changed beyond this point.

When the MENU button is pushed, the OSD opens with a jingle. Within the OSD, this button acts as a "back" button. The "up arrow" and "down arrow" buttons are used to move through the menu and change setting bars and the user can gain access to the next setting in the sub-menus with the SET button and then change this directly with the arrow buttons.

This makes navigation easier on one hand because it saves the user two additional button clicks to change a value, but on the other hand, it makes things more difficult because the user constantly has to navigate through the range of sub-menu options, which is especially annoying for calibration.

Menu and setting details

Below are some tips and information on the menu of the LG W2600HP:


In the standard settings, the brightness is 100 and is must too high for bearable work usage. In more long-term usage, slight headaches can be caused by this high level of brightness. Even at 0 percent, the screen is still very bright at 168 cd/m².

With a pre-defined contrast of 70, the image looks well balanced and saturated. Only the grey gradients could be somewhat better resolved, since the darkest six of 256 levels are swallowed into black. When the bar is adjusted upwards or downwards, the grey gradient display remains stable. However, if you look at a gradient, clear banding can be seen if you adjust the contrast value.

The gamma value is divided into just three steps, but a similar setting is still present: -50, 0 and +50, which is equivalent to gamma of 1,70, 2,15 and 3,05.

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