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REVIEW: LG Flatron W2600HP Part 6

Colour control

The RGB colour channels and colour temperature can be configured under the menu option Colour Control. The colour temperature is 6500K as standard and can be adjusted in three levels to up to 9300K. In addition, sRGB can be selected as a pre-setting.

In the factory settings, the RGB channels are set to 50. It would be better if configuration was possible from 100 upwards. When looking at the red gradients, we noticed that the brightest tones are lost from a value of as little as 55. Any setting over this provides only undesired banding.

The same is true for the green channel. In the blue tones, the effect is more extreme: here, strong banding arises, both in the darkest and brightest tones if the value is adjusted to too high or low a value. In Rev. 2 models, the banding which arises inevitably in 8-Bit models when the colour channels are changed is considerably lower than in Rev. 1 models.

Image position

The Image position option is only available when the VGA input is in use. Both setting bars allow the image’s horizontal and vertical position to be adjusted if Auto-correction has not positioned the image perfectly.


Here, too, it is only possible to change the top two settings when the VGA input is in use. Sharpness adjustment is only important for interpolated resolutions. In the native resolution of 1.920 x 1.200, increasing this value has no effect; decreasing it makes the image appear more blurred and imprecise. Here, changes can be made in five levels upwards and downwards.


Under the last menu option, the required language and position if the menu can be adjusted. This also occurs in 100 steps and allows the image to be placed anywhere on the entire screen. Below, the input and image resolution are displayed. The one thing missing is a setting to influence the display time of the menu.

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