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REVIEW: LG Flatron W2600HP Part 7

If you push the AUTO/SET button often enough, you will gain access to additional settings in the Installation menu. Under White Balance, video signal distortions can be balanced when the analogue input is in use, in that the signal gauge on the standard output gauge is adjusted to the video card

Under Sound, the user can choose between two sound options or switch off the sound on the buttons. The 4:3 widescreen function makes it possible to display interpolated settings in the original aspect ratio. It is unclear to us why it is called "4:3" although 5:4 resolutions such as 1.280 x 1.024 are also displayed correctly.

Under the last point, Factory Settings, all configurations made can be reset to the factory settings. There is no additional confirmation request, so please be careful when selecting this option.


The LG forteManager software does not offer any additional setting options with regard to the OSD except for a brief set-up aid. In addition, it must be installed in order to allow you to use the EZ-ZOOMING function on the W2600HP. With this software, you can move to the next smallest resolution and back at the touch of a button.

The surface of the forteManager has been changed slightly in design compared to the last design we tested. The gamma value can be changed to three levels via the software, which was not possible in the past.

Die Bildmodi von rechts nach links: NORMAL, BENUTZER, TEXT und FILM

The image modes from right to left: NORMAL, USER, TEXT and FILM

When the f-Engine button is pressed, a small window opens which allows the user to select from the image modes NORMAL, BENUTZER, TEXT and FILM. Here, the respectively highlighted more is displayed on the left hand side of the monitor and NORMAL mode is displayed on the right for comparison. This feature is very practical, since it allows for a direct comparison.

The RGB channels can only be set up manually in "Normal" mode. User mode, which should rather allow for this based on its name, but only offers the options Brightness, ACE (Adaptive Clarity Enhancer, "clarity") and RCM (Real Color Management: Colour tone, Green improvement, Colour improvement, Off), with which the behaviour of the f-Engine can be controlled, meaning the contrast adjustment amongst other things.

We can conclude the following: the structure and navigation are practically organised, with LG sticking to the tried and tested here. Additional settings such as 1:1 interpolation, PIP settings or deactivatable overdrive as well as an option to change the brightness directly without first needing to access the menu would be pleasant. However, all important functions are included. The forteManager is rather disappointing, since it does not any additional configuration options.

The sensor button controls on the LG W2600HP function markedly well and can actually replace the conventional push buttons with the exception of the haptic option: the response behaviour of the sensors is fast, precise and provides feedback in the form of button tone (deactivatable).

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