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REVIEW: LG Flatron W2600HP

Warranty LCD/Backlight (Years): 3/3 incl. Pickup Service, expandable on 5 years
Max. pixel faults (according to ISO 13406-2): Class II
Panel size [inch]: 26
Pixel size [mm]: 0.2865
Native resolution: 1.920 x 1.200
Visible screen size/diagonal [mm]: 560 x 350 / 660,4
Video-In, connector: 1 x D-Sub (analog), 1 x DVI-D (digital)
Vertical frequency [Hz]: 56 - 75 (1.920 x 1.200 60 Hz)
Max. horizontal frequency/ video bandwidth [kHz/MHz]: 30 - 83 / 165
Color mode preset/user: 3 / 1
LCD pivotable / portrait mode: Yes / No
LCD display arm option: Yes
Features: DVI cable, D-Sub cable, power cable, USB cable, 4 port USB-Hub, Quicksetup-Guide, Software, cable clip
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm]: 602 x 563 x 270 (with feet)
Weight [kg]: 10
Compliance: TUEV – Typ, CE, EPA Energy Star, UL, CSA, SEMKO, FCC-B
Power consumption On/Stand-by/Off [Watt]: < 90 / < 1 / < 1
Test date: 7/9/2008
Picture stability: ++ (digital) ++ (analog)
Viewing angle dependency: ++
Contrast: +
Color space: ++
Subjective impression of image quality: ++
Shades of gray resolution: +/-
Brightness allocation: +/-
Interpolation image quality: +
Fabrication of case/frame, mechanics: +
Operating, OSD: +
Suitable for occasional gamer: ++
Suitable for hardcore gamer: +
Suitable for DVD/Video: +
Price [incl. VAT. in Euros]: 580,00

++ very good, + good, +/- satisfactory, - bad, -- very bad


With its 26-inch screen, the LG W2600HP does not offer more space on its desktop than a 24-inch model, but it does offer larger pixels and therefore larger text display. According to LG, the company’s own S-IPS-Panel is identical to the panel used in the NEC LCD2690WUXi. Currently, it represents practically the only alternative to S-PVA panel LCDs such as the Eizo SX2761.

Now, LG is putting considerably pressure on NEC and Eizo with a price of around 600.00 Euro, and the product specifications also sound very promising: dynamic contrast of 5,000:1 and static contrast of 1,000:1, 5 ms response time and viewing angle of 178 degrees.

With its extended colour space, the W2600HP could not only shine in the Entertainment sector, but may also represent an inexpensive alternative to NEC’s 26-inch model. On the other hand, the LG model will have a harder time establishing itself.

The W2600HP cannot compare with the competitive price of 625.00 Euro which Dell is charging for its 27-inch 2709W with additional video connections in terms of technical features and must therefore gain ground in other areas. Where it does this will be revealed in our detailed review.

Various revisions

Already in advance of our PRAD review, users complained on our forum about display problems in the form of banding on the LG W2600HP. Banding refers to stripe formation in colour and grey gradients. The first test model which arrived at our editorial office provided the brilliant image quality which is typical of an S-IPS panel, when viewed subjectively. When unusual distinctive features in colour display and clear banding became visible during the test, we turned to LG and the responsible development engineer.

Here, it emerged that our test model was Revision 1. Since around May 2008, the LG W2600HP is being produced in the current Revision 2. You can find out whether your model is Revision 2 with updated firmware from its serial number. All models whose serial numbers begin with 805M are Revision 2.

Only with a serial number which begins with 805M does the LG W2600HP conform to Revision 2.

Thus, without further ado, we were provided with a test model from the latest revision. The main differential criterion with regard to Revision 1 is that the f-Engine chip is actually only activated in the modes intended for it and does not intervene in the image constantly. In addition, the pre-defined colour settings are also different. We only evaluated the latest version. Where differences arise between the revisions, we explain this in the text. For the sake of simplicity, we will then refer to Rev. 1 and Rev. 2.

If you happen to own a Revision 1 LG W2600HP and find the banding distracting, you should contact LG support. Here, you will receive the latest firmware, but this will involve sending the monitor to the company.

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