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REVIEW: LG Flatron W2363V Part 2

Left: stand body in high gloss white; right: low-budget stand base.

Additionally the box contains a short Quick Start Guide,. Instead of a printed user's manual, there is a PDF file on the CD-ROM. The file describes connecting and operations in detail in 31 pages. The CD-ROM also offers a color profile (ICM) and a display driver for Windows Vista.

Design and mechanics

The cabinet of the LG W2363V is finished in high gloss white. The panel frame is surrounded by deep black trim. There is also a shiny black bar below the panel, that could easily accommodate two of the wide-spread tiny stereo speakers - but this is not the case. Stand body and base are finished in glossy white. The monitor looks unconventional and very elegant. All surfaces have the usual problem with fingerprints and dust, but the white surfaces are not as susceptible to this as black ones.

The appearance of the LG W2363V stands out by its unconventional but appealing coloring. It offers a very aesthetic alternative to the dominating finish in black or anthracite gray. Fortunately, LG did not opt for a glossy panel, but instead chose a very effective matte anti-glare coating.

Left: White and very elegant: front view; right: white but rather clumsy.

The front bezel discreetly shows the manufacturer's logo, the type number and the labeling of the front panel controls. The invisible buttons are touch-sensitive. The upper right side of the front bezel is decorated by a colorful feature sticker, but this one can easily be removed with some care.

The cabinet appears compact, the white color makes the bezel seem slenderer than it really is. The back side view surely is not the most important property of a monitor, but here the round bodied design looks somewhat clumsy.

Stand body and base are designed all in white with a relatively small shape that does not stand out much. The footprint of the base is adequate, but the stability of the plastics stand assembly is not sufficient at all: the display gets swaying if you touch it, and gently creaking sounds evolve if you start tilting or moving it. You will surely leave your hand on the base whenever you have to adjust this monitor's orientation.

The panel is attached to the short pillar by an integrated tiltable joint. The tilt range is 5 degrees to the front and 14 degrees to the back. The stable balance point would allow for some more degrees.

Maximum tilt angle forward and backward.

Apart from that, do not expect any ergonomic features: no swiveling, no height adjustment. The lower edge of the panel frame sits only 52 mm above the desk, unalterably. The exclusive design finally turns out to mask a disappointing and cheap construction. Thin plastics, creaking sounds and a gently swaying panel make us question how long this will last. There is a VESA100 mount at the back side at least, so you could easily attach a more sophisticated arm. You would like to remove the useless stand body in this case, but be aware that you have to open the back side cover then.

The ventilation slots stretch across nearly the whole upper back edge of the cabinet. The interior of the monitor is almost invisible through the white grille. The backlight does not shine through in the dark. Although sand flies can easily make their way inside, they are not attracted by the light shining.

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