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REVIEW: LG Flatron W2363V Part 3

The ventilation slots are amply dimensioned.

During our tests running with the factory settings, the W2363V was noiseless. But later on, below a brightness level of 90 percent - and this means in nearly all usual operating conditions - we noticed a slight humming sound that was not very loud but clearly audible in a quiet environment. Whistling or chirping, which is often caused by the backlight inverter, was not audible. However, the noise produced by a monitor can be subject to a large degree of variation within a series, which is why this evaluation need not necessarily apply to all models in a series.

Power consumption

  Manufacturer Measured EU regulation
n/a 43,8 W n/a
42,0 W 41,8 W n/a
n/a 30,0 W n/a
n/a 21,0 W n/a
max. 1,4 W 1,3 W 2,0 W
max. 1,0 W 0,6 W 1,0 W

TN panels usually consume significantly less power than PVA or IPS panels. Therefore, the manufacturer's specification of 42 watts (typical) for the W2363V seems rather high at first. Our measurements confirm this value for the factory settings, but it is related to the maximum brightness of 100 percent and therefore not sugarcoated: some manufacturers tend to publish nicer "typical" values for power consumption at e.g. 75 percent.

The power consumption of the W2363V strictly follows the setting of the brightness control. At our recommended workplace luminance of 140 cd/m², the consumption drops to 30 watts only. The monitor does not qualify for a true energy saver, but this value is still good for a 23 inch TN display with conventional CCFL backlight.

In standby mode, the watt meter displays frugal 1,3 watts only, but switched off unnecessary 0,6 watts still remain. These values comply even with the new EU regulation as of January 2010, but nevertheless the power-off consumption should be zero. Finally, the manufacturer's specification is very accurate.


The LG W2363V offers three digital input connectors: one DVI and two HDMI jacks. Moreover, there is still an analog VGA connector, a 3.5 mm stereo TRS jack that takes in the audio signal from the DVI source, and a component video input set of 5 RCA jacks suitable for older DVD players.

Backside connectors.

Thus, two HDMI sources can stay permanently connected, in addition to the PC. There is no need to rotate the plugs - such a complete equipment is rarely found. However, both HDMI inputs are marked as 'optimized on AV equipment, PC not supported'.

Both HDMI jacks are situated at the left hand side of the cabinet, not at the back. This is more convenient for the fast plugging of a game console, the back side connectors are not as good in reach because of the inflexible stand base. If you keep your console plugged in permanently, white cables tightly bent to the back side look far better.

The 3,5 mm stereo phone jack is perfectly integrated into the left hand cover of the black bar below the panel. This is handy and also very good looking. Power is supplied by a standard 3-pin IEC power inlet connector. Cable brackets are not provided.

Left: Side mounted HDMI connectors; right: perfectly designed phone jack.


The LG W2363V is equipped with eight buttons located at the lower right side of the panel bezel. These touch sensitive controls operate exactly but, needless to say, without any tactile feedback. Keystrokes are acknowledged by a gentle beep. The front view shows a discreet labeling without any visible actuators. The look and feel is very good, as long as you can read the labeling. When watching a movie in the dark, the proper buttons are hard to find.

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