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REVIEW: LG Flatron W2363V Part 4

Left: Touch-sensitive buttons, discreetly labeled; right: blue power indicator, small but bright.

Normally, the only visible indicator is a small LED at the lower right which glows in blue color if the monitor is turned on. Although this tiny LED has a diameter of 4 mm only, it definitely shines bright enough to be disturbing when watching a movie in a darkened room. Fortunately, LG offers an OSD option to permanently switch off the power indicator.

The "TruLight" button can spice up the elegant look significantly. Four animation modes are offered, creating different lighting effects which run within the black bar beneath the panel. For example, a number of white light stripes glows up when turning the monitor on or off as well as when switching to or from stand-by to another mode, accompanied by a squeaky jingle. True fun is when you plug a sound source into the audio connectors: the black bar mutates to a light show pulsating with the music. Some buyers might like such gimmicks, but there is certainly no reasonable benefit at all. However, amazed spectators are guaranteed.

TruLight in action.

It remains a secret why LG did not provide built-in speakers although there already is an audio connection and the associated electronics. If you'd like to use audio for something more meaningful than just performing a light show, it has to be taken from the headphone jack again – this seems so implausible that most buyers are likely to connect their PC directly to an amplifier.


The 7 buttons can be divided into two groups: 6 hotkeys for certain presets, input signal selector, PiP and power button, and 4 buttons for the menu, three of them hotkeys assigned with varying functions in the menu.

Furthermore there is the separately arranged TruLight button which is used like a slide switch.

Besides the main menu there are three separate areas in the OSD only accessible directly by hotkeys: Game menu (Game button), Source menu (Source button) and TruLight menu (TruLight button).

Game menu

The Game menu (G-MODE) is directly accessed via the Game button.

OSD game menu.

You will find some interesting settings here: ThruMode, ARC and Auto Bright.

According to the manufacturer, the monitor's frame buffer is disabled if the ThruMode is activated in the GAME menu. There is also the undocumented adjustment "Response Time Control = on / off" in the SETUP menu. We will investigate the effects of these adjustments on the W2363V's input lag later.

ARC (Aspect Ratio Control) allows to choose from three scaling ratios: 1:1 (no scaling, true size), Original (maximum height or width with input resolution ratio scaling) and Full (screen-filling, full size).

Auto Bright (Automatic Brightness) activates the dynamic contrast regulation. With it the promoted high contrast value of 70,000:1 should be reached, but we could not check this.

Main menu

The main menu of the LG W2363V is divided into 5 submenus. Three of them allow image adjustments (PICTURE / COLOR / TRACKING), SETUP offers common settings like the language used for the OSD, and PIP configures the picture-in-picture functions.

OSD main menu.

The design of the menus is sober, very clear and easy to understand. The representation is always limited to a maximum of five settings per page, hence one must look out for subsequent page which are announced by a small triangular pointer. The menu items are fairly self-explanatory. Unlike with many other monitors the manual is fairly detailed and gives a helpful explanation to each setting. The touch sensors are quite sensitive, but exactly operating. The position of the sensitive area is not right under the labels, but a few millimeters above.

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