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REVIEW: LG Flatron W2363V Part 6


At 1.920 x 1.080 pixels, the resolution achieves the current standard value for 16:9 panels with a size of 23 inches. This native resolution is sufficient for Full HD film viewing. Two digital input connectors also emphasize the model’s suitability as a screen for HD players such as Blu-Ray players, HDTV Sat receivers and video game consoles.

After a reset, the following test procedure was applied at factory default settings: brightness 100 percent (H100), contrast 70 percent (K70), color preset 6500K.

Gray scale

The gray scale test of the W2363V shows no banding effects. In the brightest levels the monitor makes a blunder that is not acceptable even with a cheap TN panel.

Massive flaw in the brightest levels.

The W2363V performs rather well in gray scale resolution: the five darkest values and the six brightest ones are lost.

Satisfying differentiation of darkest and brightest levels.

It was interesting to find out whether the flaw in the brightest levels could be eliminated. Therefore, we changed the picture settings in the OSD and found that the default contrast value of 70 percent was too high. Below 60 percent (K60) the flaw disappeared to the naked eye. While the brightest levels improved to just four missing values, there was no adverse change to the dark levels. With K50 we achieved even two more white values. So we finally chose the setting K50. Unfortunately, this change in contrast lowers the maximum luminance from 291 to 245 cd/m² and the measured color temperature rises from 6500K to 7100K.

Better differentiation with contrast set to 50 percent.

The visibility of this optimized result depends, however, very much on the vertical viewing angle: a few degrees above or below the horizontal position means to loose at least four of the highest values. The image impression on a large scale range is thus heavily influenced by the relative position and small movements of the head. An inversion of those no longer differentiated gray patches could not be observed.

Film and game scenes will not be affected too much by this overall behavior, as long as the user can sit centered in front of the monitor. For digital photo editing in the amateur market, however, it is a very big handicap.

The illumination of the display with a completely black image is not convincing. Obvious halos arise especially near the top and bottom bezel. Viewed from above or from the sides of the screen, a cloudy glow extends over the entire panel surface. The panel illumination in dark areas gives an uneven impression.

A black image is unevenly illuminated.

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