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REVIEW: Samsung C27A750X


Samsung has extended its product range in the HUB monitor sector with a new model, the C27A750X. The special thing about this new type of LCD monitor, developed by Samsung, is that they combine display and central office hub functions in one device. Data and image signals can be transmitted wirelessly to and from the Samsung C27A750X from various mobile and also stationary end devices.

A USB dongle ensures simple, rapid signal transfer. The Samsung C27A750X contains a 27-inch TN panel with 16:9 widescreen format and 1,920 x 1,080 FullHD resolution. The display is illuminated with energy-saving LEDs. With a response time of just 2 milliseconds, the Samsung C27A750X should also be of particular interest for gamers who require fast image construction.

Ergonomically, the C27A750X offers a tilting function and also height adjustment. The Samsung C27A750X supports the new USB 3.0 standard, offers a HDMI and a VGA connection for cable linked image signal transfer and also has network and headphone connections. Samsung has an extraordinarily good understanding of how to present its products in a visually impressive manner. We are pleased to be taking a closer look at the Samsung C27A750X and will take a peek behind its optically chic facade.

We connected and tested the Samsung C27A750X via the digital HDMI output of a Gainward GTX 560, connecting it with the device using a HDMI cable. The colorimetric measurements were carried out with a spectral photometer (EyeOne Pro) together with the iColor Software from Quato and Colorimetre HCFR. A colorimetre (X-Rite DTP94) was used to measure the minimum black value. We used the Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray player as an external player source, connected via HDMI cable.

Scope of supply

The Samsung C27A750X is delivered in a box that is very compact and handy for a 27-inch monitor, with the following outer dimensions: 72 x 47 x 18 centimetres (W x H x D). The carrier handle located on the top makes it considerably more convenient to carry the monitor and the total weight of 7.8 kilograms means that the model can be carried by hand with ease. Inside the box, two Styrofoam shells ensure that the Samsung C27A750X is fixed securely and that the accessories are separated reliably from the screen in order to avoid damage. The monitor itself is also packed inside a soft foam bag.

As is typical of Samsung, the range of accessories included with the C27A750X is very Spartan. In addition to a D-Sub VGA cable, the scope of supply includes only a USB cable. The Samsung C27A750X is provided with power via an external power cable, which is also provided in the box, along with a USB dongle for wireless signal transfer. In addition, the C27A750X is also accompanied by a software CD, getting started guide, guarantee card and cleaning cloth.

Player for use, connected via HDMI cable.

Design and mechanics

Slim lines are an unmistakeable feature of the Samsung C27A750X. These begin with the frame of the model; in glossy black, it is just two centimetres thick, with the last three millimetres ending in see-through Plexiglas. The exterior itself is also very slim, measuring just 1.6 centimetres, and the stand follows suit, measuring just 13.5 centimetres in width. Thus, the Samsung C27A750X appears to have been poured in one piece and is a true designer object.

Slender monitor frame and stand with the Samsung C27A750X.

Samsung omits labelling almost completely on the C27A750X, with only the general model description to be seen in discreet letters in the top left hand corner and the manufacturer’s logo on the base.

General model description and manufacturer’s logo – less is often more.

Designer monitors rarely offer ergonomic functions that go beyond changing the tilting angle. The Samsung C27A750X is a real exception here and offers height adjustment as well. However, it quickly becomes apparent that this function is not suitable for frequent changing, since, without exaggeration, brute force is needed to convince the Samsung C27A750X to change its height.

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