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REVIEW: Dell U2713HM

Grafik Dell U2713HM: New 27-inch monitor without PWM technique completely convincing (Release Date 10/15/2012)
With the U2713HM, Dell recently presented a new 27-inch monitor that should carry on from the successes of the U2711. Of course, those are big shoes to fill, with the earlier model having received equally positive ratings from customers and the trade press.

Like its predecessor, the U2713HM offers an IPS panel with an unusually fine resolution of 2.560 x 1.440. The monitor also offers a full ergonomics package, all common ports and a USB hub which has been upgraded to Version 3.0 as compared with the U2711.

So much for the commonalities – the U2713HM also differs clearly from its predecessor when it comes to some of the key data. The switch from CCFL backlight to the more modern LEDs will certainly prove interesting for the buyer. This should make the model very economical and still allow it to cover an extensive colour space.

We were able to get our hands on a test model of this interesting monitor even before its official market launch and carry out some in-depth testing on it. This review will show whether the U2713HM is a worthy successor to the U2711 or whether it is merely its baby brother. Although successor is not the right word in this case, since the U2711 is still available and is not being replaced by the U2713HM.

This Test will be published as from 15th September 2012. We want to provide all interested parties, who do not want to wait that long, this test as a preview.


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