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REVIEW: Eizo CG246 Part 2

...and in the highest position.

The monitor height can be adjusted by up to 13 cm. In the lowest position, the distance between the bottom of the frame and the tabletop is 2 cm. Our measurement for the highest possible position was 17 cm.

The maximum inclination to the back is 30 degrees, whereas slanting the monitor to the front has a very limited range. Using third-party mounting or fastening systems is made possible using VESA100 screws.

These photos show the maximum inclination angles to the back and to the front.

The mount allows swivelling of almost 180 degrees in both directions.

Swivelling the Eizo CG246 to the left and to the right.

The mount also features a pivot joint, which lets you rotate the CG246 into a vertical orientation.

The Eizo CG246 in vertical orientation.

In some of its high-end models, Eizo employs fans for cooling the display panel, electronics and backlight. The CG246 is the first 24-inch model to feature this type of active cooling. Although this does marginally increase the operating noise, it does not interfere with regular usage.

We did not detect any other distracting monitor noises either. A barely audible high-frequency beeping can be heard right by the monitor when test sequences with stark contrast changes are run.

The back of the Eizo CG246 with ventilation slits and fan.

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3 Comments available

Thanks for this review, I bought this display, by far the best one I've owned.
I'd need an information: I 'm about to buy a device that use hdmi to output a 10bit video signal, but only dp is 10 bit in the 246; so is enough to use a hdmi/dp cable or adapter or I'll have 8 bit signal?

I'm unable to guarantee that. You will need a HDMI to DisplayPort converter - not a simple cable - because of different protocols used. A 10bit workflow is in principle not a problem but it depends on the capabilities of this converter.
Perfect, I'll look for a proper converter,
thanks a lot

best regards

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