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REVIEW: ViewSonic VP181b Part 3

Even the rear side of the ViewSonic VP181b makes an excellent appearance. The connectors on the rear side are easy to access. Right next to the VGA inputs there is a 4 port USB hub.

Unlike the ViewSonic VP201s and the VP211b, the VP181b works totally silent. With the other models a buzzing sound could be perceived at reduced brightness values. With the VP181b this is not the case.

Image quality

The ViewSonic VP181b provides an excellent, rich in contrast and gaudy picture. The incorporated, legendary IPS panel by LG.Philips that is also being used by many other manufacturers to build their LCDs with, has - as expected - a noticeable loss in viewing angle from the left side.

As it is generally common among IPS panels the surface shows a slightly crystal like glittering effect. What's quite remarkable as well is the fact that the selected size of the monitors frame has been chosen to big. The panel is surrounded by a border strip with a width of about 0.3 cm. Usually the picture starts directly next to the frame.

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