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REVIEW: ViewSonic VP181b Part 5

The menu offers the following settings:

Automatic adjustment (unavailable in digital mode)

Here you can automatically adjust the picture to the perfect settings in analog mode.

Contrast and brightness

Here you can make adjustments for contrast and brightness.

Input signal source

You can choose among D-Sub, DVI-A and DVI-D.

Color calibration

There are 4 predefined settings of 9300K, 6500K, 5400K and 5000K. Additionally there is a setting that can be individually configured by the user.


Information about resolution, horizontal and vertical frequency, pixel clock, model number and serial number are displayed. This way one does not have to tediously look for the serial number on the rear side.

Manual picture adjustment

Here you are able to position the picture in analog mode. Furthermore, you can choose the way the picture is being display whenever the monitor does not run the recommended native resolution of 1.280 x 1.024 by making use of the function called scaling. There is the possibility for full screen, 1:1 display and aspect display. Additionally an adjustment of focus is provided, which, however, does not reveal any change in picture quality. Scaling and focus does not become selectable, unless any other than the standard resolution is being used.

Revert to default

Here, the original settings can be restored.


The ViewSonic VP191b manages to leave a convincing impression. Its image quality as well as its high fabrication quality and its outstanding set of features can surely convince. Be it DVD and video, office, picture editing, with the Viewsonic VP191b you are ensured to get your money's worth.

Single point of critique is the loss in viewing angle stability from the left side. This phenomenon is in fact common among all devices that make use of this particular panel. Since this loss gets only distinct with very dark colors, it can be neglected in every day use. Also the lack of proper labeling in the OSD, i.e. for brightness and contrast, is not quite the ideal.

Despite the aforementioned critique the very positive over all impression can not be impaired. This monitor offers a great price/performance ratio and clearly deserves to be recommended. Particularly if you are looking out for an all-rounder with gaming capabilities, you are probably not going to regret this choice.

Overall rating: VERY GOOD

Technical specifications: Viewsonic VP181b

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