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GrafikREVIEW 11/26/2012
Asus VG278HE: First 3D-Monitor with 144Hz for gaming enthusiasts

With the VG278HE, Asus presents its successor to the VG278H which was also previously reviewed by us. On the outside, both displays look identical except for the lack of a 3D glasses receiver, and also from a technical standpoint there are many similarities. The VG278HE features a 27 inch TN-Panel sporting a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, brightness of 300 cd/m² and response time of 2 ms.The biggest technical innovation ... Pfeil read full review

GrafikREPORT 05/10/2012
4K resolution TVs: Are they already worth buying?

Although FullHD has only recently established itself as the new standard in German homes, TV manufacturers are already introducing a new development to the market. 4K is set to revolutionise the world of television. Unlike HD Ready or FullHD, however, this is not yet a standardised designation, with some manufacturers also talking about QFHD, an abbreviation for Quad Full HD. And this is exactly what the new 4K resolution involves. The Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is quadrupled to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. This new technology brings with ... Pfeil read full report

REVIEW Samsung LE-32A656A1F
32-inch TV with FullHD resolution convinces
Samsung's new 32-inch LCD-TV eye-catcher with full HD resolution not only scores optically, but also performs convincingly in terms of image quality. read more
Buyer advice for LCD and plasma TVs
Out with the tube television and in with the flat TV. But what type? We will not leave you standing with a big question mark over your head in front of the TVs at your electrical store. read more
The future is clear and flexible
After the revolution of the LCD monitor, the OLED display is to come in the future. These displays achieve high contrast values and also save on power consumption. read more
REPORT Wireless surround sound
An end to cable spaghetti
Metres of cable throughout your living room – that will scare many off buying a surround sound system. Wireless surround sound is an interesting alternative. read more
REPORT Ghost images
Burn-in effects on LCD TVs
If ghost images appear on your television screen, you do not necessarily need the Ghostbusters. We can tell you how to get rid of them very quickly. weiter lesen
REPORT HDMI switches
3 in 1: HDMI switches and splitters
On the back of  your television, HDMI inputs are soon very scarce. With a switch or a splitter, you can solve the digital shortage in the twinkling of an eye. read more
How do I best set up my LCD television?
The image quality on modern LCD televisions can be improved considerably using the correct settings in the TV’s On-Screen Menu. The factory settings are often not perfect. read more
NEWS WaterGamesTechnologies
"Red Diamond" bathtub for cinema fans
WaterGames is offering a fully fitted bathtub with an TV, gold-framed user console and countless Swarovksi crystals as a glittering decoration for the champagne holder. read more
Embarrassing: HDTV non-existent in ...
We look back and report on why Sat1 and Pro7 have suspended HD broadcasting for the time being. Also we provide information on the current HD offers in Germany. read more
Laser beans could revolutionise television
Laser TV sets are reputed to provide better image quality and to be longer lived, better at conserving energy and more efficient – the list of advantages goes on and on. read more
Image quality for home cinema enthusiasts
Does your High-End TV only provide a mediocre TV picture?  Are you unhappy because of juddering in Blu-ray playback in 24Hz? Modern video processors can help. read more
REVIEW Samsung LE-52F96BD
High-end TV with 500.000:1 contrast
Black as black as on a tube TV: thanks to its LED backlight with individually deactivatable zones, this is a reality on the Samsung high-end television LE-52F96BD. read more

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