19" Fujitsu Siemens W19-1 (Prad.de)

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    This is a translation from the 19" Fujitsu Siemens W19-1 german review.

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  • Great review, as always.

    However, there seems to be a DVI incompatibility problem between this monitor and the ATi X8** series card, which you didn't mention. I don't know if this is true or not, but several users are complaining over the english forums I came across.

    It seems that the signal comes and goes. D-Sub works fine, DVI does not (sometimes). Since I have the ATi X1800 card I wonder if it could be a problem for me too. Also, I'm set on using the xbox 360 on this monitor, so that means that DVI for PC is the only way for me.

    Can anyone confirm this issue?

  • Hi Mofous.

    100% confirmation. The W19 frequently has problems with the DVI signal. Most users seem to use an ATI X800 series cards, but apparantly it is not restricted to that as I had a similar problem with a NVIDIA card.

    Fujitsu Siemens is not reacting to the 'outcry' of those who don't get their W19s to work with the DVI signal.

    Here are a few German discussions. Try to use some internet translation tool (Babelfish) to read it:


    As you see there is even a lengthy discussion on FJS support forum but the support moderators are completely ignoring it.

    Could you share your experiences with the W19 and your future X1800 here as I am about to buy one myself and, if possible, post a few links of English discussions on this issue. I will try to moderate the threads from German to English boards. This needs to be listened to on a large scale!