20" Dell Ultrasharp 2007WFP (Prad.de)

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  • Hello,

    I need your professional help as I can't decide on buying the following monitors:
    I will mostly need the monitor for webdesign / graphics and movies. (not interested so much in games).

    1. Dell 2007WFP - Panel S-IPS 20,1" 1.680 x 1.050
    2. Belinea 102035W - Panel P-MVA 20,1" 1.680 x 1.050

    Please help me out.. as I have spent some time searching on internet and it seems that S-IPS are the best for webdesign but I would like also your professional opinion.

    Thank you kindly,

  • Could you please give me some more information about the Dell 2007WFP and Dell 2007FP if possible, as they are rather similar:

    1. I have noted that this model and the 4:3 sibling Dell 2007FP weight about 7Kg, where other monitors in the class weight about 9Kg, like Philips 200P7ES, HP LP2065 etc. Is there any constructional or material quality deficiency caused by 2 Kg lighter product? The screen itself is also lighter versus other models. Is there any tests performed on electromagnetic fields or EMF radiation from the monitors refrering the possibility that thinner or lighter materials by Dell give less EMF protection?

    2. Bought previously noted Dell monitors are specified to work from 56Hz and 60Hz only for native resolution. For correct display of PAL video is required 50Hz to be in correct v-sync and avoid stuttering, regarding to 25fps or 50fps deinterlaced. So, when connecting PAL video device to composite or S-video connector, which refresh rate and which resolution is applyed by the monitor?

    3. If connecting external DVD device to the monitor by HDMI to DVI adapter, which refresh rate and resolution is set for PAL video? Does it work at 50Hz, or requires PAL to NTSC conversion by DVD device and display at 60Hz?

    4. I saw the monitor and the picture has very good contrast and is overall very good. Would you rather recommend Dell 2007WFP or Philips 200WP7ES?
    Noted Philips model is the only monitor useing the latest A-MVA panel from AUO, as noted on the Prad monitor selector, which some manufacturers use to replace S-IPS, so I am interested what do you think in comparrsion of contrast, corona effects, video and overall performance compareing this two monitors. Bought monitors are the best I have seen, but never saw them one by the other to compare them directly.