HP LP1965 (Prad.de User)

  • Well I have the LP1965 a few days so a review is in order ;).

    So few boring details:
    AUO P-MVA panel (I believe it is M190EG01 V0 - OSD shows HP LP1965 AUO M008).
    0.294 mm pixel, 16.7mio barv, 1280x1024
    respinse time : 6ms grey-to-grey, 20ms rise-and-fall
    178° angle
    pivot, 10cm height adjustment, -5°/30° slanting, swivel
    brightness 300 cd/m2
    contrast 1000:1
    2x DVI priklop
    4x USB
    supports 75Hz (no tearing noticed so far)

    Pictures found on the net:
    net pics 1
    net pics 2
    net pics 3

    Initialy I bought kupil LG 1970HR (for 300eur) ...since the prad review graded it as very good
    ...however the picture on mine was crap...upper side was very very dark ...so
    I returned it and for 30eur more I got HP.

    crappy LG 1970HR

    Comparison with my old CRT monitor Samsung 959NF:

    HP vs. Samsung

    As for ergonomics all I can say...WAAAHOOOOO ...10cm hight adjustable,
    slanting, swiveling, pivot ...all you can ask for :D.

    The quality of build is very high, no squiking, all parts fitted together nicely
    (not like Samsung 940Fn I almost bought X(). The buttons on the front are
    very good and have a high quality feel ...all in all....much better build than
    with LG. Cables are managed in the same was as with LP2065. The monitor
    is virtually silent, and has no dead pixels.

    The fool is made of metal ...and very heavy and stable ...as with LP2065.

    Now to the main part, display. The monitor I received suffers from backlight
    bleeding ...quite a lot it seems from the below pictures ...but in everyday use
    this is only noticable if used in a dark room with a dark (black) background.
    Annoying ..but can be lived with

    backlight bleeding

    Prad.de ghosting test...well this was a little dissapointment, the 2-3mm trail
    is clearly visible ...it gets a little beeter when the monitor is properly warmed
    ...but stil not perfect ...for example...at work I use few years old LG L1810B
    with IPS panel and 25ms rise-and-fall response...and no trail is visible

    However, in reality, I didn't notice any ghosting or corona effect in any of the
    tested games (Far Cry, Gothic 3 and Neverwinter Nights 2) ...also one of my
    friends tested this with his Viewsonic 191b and also noticed the few mm trail
    ...but on the LG 1970HR...no trail notices...thanx to 2ms rt.

    prad.de ghosting test
    ghosting revealed

    If anybody knows about any other ghosting test I would gladly test it and
    report back :D

    Colors are very nice and sharp..eventhough my old crt has more vivid colors
    ...thanx to Samsung MagicBright ...however this can change once you set
    brightness/contrast differently ...current settings are at 42 and 65 (but the
    pictures were made at 47/74)

    Far Cry
    Far Cry - at the sea
    Gothic 3
    Gothic 3 - i'm a wandered...a wonderer

    Note that both the crt and the lcd are wired to the same computer and that
    the brightness settings in the games were made initially for the crt monitor.

    HP LP1965 shows around 15ms lag ...compared to the Samsung ...but not

    lcd lag
    still lagging ...get a lager ...you lagger

    All-in-all, for 330eur a very good monitor ...backlight bleeding is annoying if
    you know where to look...but this can be fixed at a local HP servis shop if
    need arises :D :D

    If someone can translate this into german...please go ahead...if I do in you
    will all need a dictionary :O