HP ZR2440w - Questions

  • Hello PRAD,

    Thanks for continuing to write what are, IMHO, the best monitor reviews on the net!

    I recently took a look at the German review of HP's ZR2440w with Google translate, and was delighted
    to discover another "Very Good" monitor that supports 24p! However, I couldn't help but notice that it
    scored only "+" for DVD with external devices in comparison to "++" via PC.

    Can you elaborate on this?

    Currently, I use the Samsung SyncMaster 245t; quite the heavy lifter back in 2007, however my
    model lacks the firmware for much needed additional aspect ratio options (e.g. 1:1 is not possible on
    HDMI, there is ~5% overscan!). It also has an audible fan, the AR coating is noticable from 30cm distance,
    there is no sRGB emulation on this wide gamut panel, and occasionally there are motion artifacts with
    action games (I forget if they have a specific name, but I believe they're normal for this panel and
    very speedy high contrast content?).

    The ZR2240w looks like it might be a real upgrade in that it offers 24p, aspect ratio control, silent
    operation, and proper sRGB emulation. I can do without the analog ports. But I have to ask,
    what is the AR coating like on this model? Is this really the upgrade I think it is?

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    Look at the table on site 9 of the review. The HP can't display SD material with the correct ratio. A Video-Player under windows don't have this problem.

  • Greetings from Seattle!
    I'm trying to find the link to either read or purchase the English translation of your review of the HP ZR2440w. Could someone point me in the right direction? Also, I would like to ask the editors/reviewers to rank the ZR2440w vs the Asus PA246Q ProArt, the Dell U2410 and U2412, and the older HP LP2475w. I'm leaning toward the new HP based on the review on TFTcentral, but from the Google-translated pages I was able to view you seem to be less keen on it, at least when it comes to gaming. How would you rank the 2440's gaming performance to the other monitors? Also, do the black bars above and below 1080p movies detract from the viewing experience when compared to a 1920x1080 monitor? Thank you.