Primeview USA releases the new 46" LED-LCD Ultra Narrow 5.7mm Video wall Unit

  • Product:

    46" Ultra Narrow Bezel Full HD LCD Video Wall

    Sleek & Slim - This Ultra-Narrow 46" HD LCD-TV video wall unit is perfect for any digital signage project. This new ultra nattow bezel n=model has a 1.8mm bezel on the bottome & right, and a 3.7mm bezel on the top & left for a nearly seamless look.

    Unlimited - Our built-in digital video processor can scale up to 1080P signals over any size video wall - not limited to 3x3 or 10x10 layouts.

    Direct LED - This new display features direct LED backlighting for a more uniform looking monitor with lower power consumption.

    • Extremely narrow bezel - 5.7mm total gap from pixel to pixel
    • Direct LED Backlight
    • 1920 x 1080 native resolution
    • Built in video processor - scales a single input source across multiple displays via daisy chaining. The displays can be wired with VGA, DVI, HDMI, Component or Video inputs
    • Single point of control - We utilize unique daisy-chained RS-232 signals, which enable full video wall control from one RS-232 cable
    • PVA panel - Panel is enhanced for wide viewing angles @ 178° in every direction
    • Heat Control - Sensors monitor the internal temperature allowing for remote control of the fans etc.
    • Industrial reliability (60,000 hour minimum MTBF)