NEC P241W - Noticeable dark cloud in the middle, when cold

  • Hi,

    I noticed a couple of days ago that my NEC monitor shows a quite visible dark cloud, about 20x20 cm in size, in the middle of the screen - but only the first 5 minutes after it is turned on. After that, everything is homogeneous.

    I do not know if this started happening from the first day I got it or just recently. Since I'm not suspending my computer overnight, I'm only getting the POST, BIOS and OS status - everything white text on black background , the first couple of minutes when powering it back on.

    The monitor has ColorComp on 3, and the brightness is at 120cd/m2.

    Is this a normal behavior? I pretty much doubt it (I suspect the lamp is faulty), but I would like to hear some other opinions before contacting the NEC support.

    Thank you!