HP ZR2440z or DELL U2410 for photo editing

  • Hi,
    I am looking for a 24 IPS monitor to use primary on photo editing.
    I have read several reviews and my short list is this two:
    DELL U2410 (8 bit)
    HP ZR2440z (6 bits + AFRC)
    There are some reasons to this short list. Both have good reviews and I can get both here in my country (can't get Eizo, Nec, Quato, etc, here, also I can't afford professional grade monitors).
    According to the PRAD review the first is just good and the second "very good". Also the second is considered a huge improvement over the predecessor, the 8 bit HP ZR24z. This is my first question: can a 6 bit monitor be better for color reproduction than an 8 bit monitor due a very well designed AFRC technology? Well, this question is "just for know", because the ZR24z is discontinued (comparing the color reproduction after calibration, this was slightly better than the descendant) .
    The second question: are the ZR2440 better overall, objectively, than the U2410 for photo editing?
    Thanks in advance,