MONITOR 24" Full hd (NO PWM, semi-gloss)

  • Hello


    , I am looking for a good monitor 24 inches since I spend much time (from 5 to 10 hours) to the pc .. my usage is:

    1. office 40%
    2. internet 30%
    3. photoshop 20%
    4. game 10%

    I have very sensitive eyes. So, the things that I consider essential are 3:
    -> PWM free (no "flickering")
    -> Anti-glare coating light (coating "semi-gloss")
    -> Ergonomic (adjustable height, pivot mode)

    Advice on some model?

    I thank in advance anyone help me

  • I don't think there's many English users on Prad. You may try the Displays forum on, it's pretty active.

    I have also been searching for monitors with similar criteria recently. Unfortunately, you don't have many choices.

    1. Samsung S24A850DW: 24", 1920x1200, PLS, no PWM, semi-glossy, fully adjustable stand. Some units have backlight bleed. Reviews: ,

    2. BenQ BL2411PT: 24", 1920x1200, IPS, no PWM, fully adjustable stand. I'm not sure if it is semi-glossy or not - maybe you can tell from the Prad review?

    3. Eizo EV2416W, EV2436W: 24", 1920x1080, IPS, no PWM, fully adjustable stand (with TriStand). Dunno if it's semi-glossy. Prad reviewed the EV2436W recently.

    4. Dell U2413: 24", 1920x1200, IPS, no PWM at 20% brightness and above, semi-glossy, fully adjustable stand. The downside of this screen for normal use like yours is that it is a high-gamut display. Review:

    There is a listing of PWM-free monitors at:

    There's also going to be a lot of PWM free monitors coming out from BenQ, as they're pushing for their entire lineup to be flicker free. So far the only 24" monitor advertized as being such is the XL2420TE, and it's unknown whether it has a semi-glossy coating - it was just recently announced and there are no reviews.

    Personally, I'm waiting for BenQ to release a 22" to 24" no PWM VA monitor similar to the GW2760HS. Good luck!