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    numerous e-shops already have it in its catalogues

    ...I don't think it's completely unavailable. Thanks for the review link. What do you think of those 4 LCDs you've mentioned, especially the last one? Eizo is too expensive for me, 971P has just 6-bit colors, so the Philips is my favorite, along with Belinea and HP (both of which I know too little so far). Thanks.

    I've seen those specs, but that is the ONLY piece of info i've been able to find. Although numerous e-shops already have it in its catalogues, there are no previews, reviews, user opinions, forum discussions... Its weird. The LCD itself looks quite promising...

    Im looking for any kind of information about the new HP panel, the LP1965. I would like to know more about the supposed successor of the quality L1955 masterpiece. I havent found a single post about it heren in english/german prad forum. Is this LCD actually real or its just a hoax? =)

    I really liked the review, even if its in german:-) The panel got the full score of "sehr gut" , the only drawback is bad Overdrive implementation, but according to the review, only noticeable if one is a hardcore gamer. Im not such a big fan of FPS's so it maybe wouldnt bother me, but I found a link to these videos, which document rather annoying streaks in image, which even to me occured as quite apparent.

    The videos:

    What do you think of it?

    Thanks for opinions about those two monitors guys, as for the other three-
    - HP is very good but maybe a getting a little old?
    - the BenQ model looks quite good, but Benq reputation isnt generally as good as with the others
    - I put the Belinea on the list only because of its predecessor 101920, but havent seen any review anywhere so far, so its maybe a little too soon to be considering it

    P.S.:why in particular do you like 190P7, Artifex?

    Hello everybody,
    I'm looking for a rather inexpensive 19'' allround MVA/PVA panel. I'd like to use it (roughly) in 50% of time for movies, 30% for graphics (digicam photos) and 20% games. I'm no hardcore gamer nor a graphic freak.

    I narrowed the selection down to these LCDs:

    HP L1955
    Philips 190P7 (looking forward for the oncoming review on
    Benq FP91GP
    Samsung 940Fn
    Belinea 1980 S1 (successor of the excellent 101920?)

    As these have almost the same specifications (3 of them having the same AUO panel), I'm looking now for some hands-on experience from someone who actually experienced more than one of these models, such as someone from My priorities: Viewing angles, quality color reproduction (for MVA) and illumination uniformity.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions,