23" BenQ FP231W

  • So do any german shops have this monitor in stock? I've talked to HD-Computer, Multicom Shop, Yellochip and PCSNEL, and none of them expect stock for another week or so. Depressing when you've waited for almost 4 months and BenQ appears to keep stalling.


  • The official date is the 30.08. Some shops had some 231 on stock around the last days/ weeks. I think you have just to keep your eyes open to geht one earlier as the 30.08.

  • I'm wondering, do any of you know Yellochip.com?

    They will get some FP231W in next week, but i'm always wary of transferring large sums to a dealer of whom i know nothing. If someone hear has dealt with them, i'd be happy to be reassured! :)


  • Oh, and also XiTrade, who now has the lowest offer on Geizhals.de. I'd appreciate any experiences good or bad - though it should probably happen over PM. (Sorry for OT).