Samsung 24" versions?

  • Hi,

    I have set my mind on buying a 24" Samsung because of the good price/quality ratio. I am just puzzled by the ridiculous amount of different version. Can someone tell me what is the difference between the following models and if one is way better than the others:

    - 2433BW
    - 2443BW / FW / NW
    - 245B
    - 2493HM
    - 2494HM / HS
    - T240
    (- 245T / Expensive S-PVA)

    They all seem to be TN panels and the price range around 300€ here in Finland. So any suggestions / ideas?

    EDIT: This was supposed to go to the advisory forum so can the admin please move it?

  • Hi. The Samsungs with the "HD" in the name are special editions with many home theatre plug ins like S-video etc (T240 vs T240HD for example).

    The 2494HM has a slightly larger inch scale (diagonale) than the 2494HS and better ergonomics (the height can be adjusted etc.). It has 16:9 scale and is regarded as the successor to the 2493HM (16:10 scale).


  • Thanks Samson for the answer. That is actually part of my queastion, are some of these models successors to each other 245B => 245B+.

    2433 => 2443? (Totally different outlook)
    2493 => 2494? (The reslution changes)

    Also, are the series in some order like 245Bx => 24x3 => 249x?

    What's then the difference between the series? Is it only esthetical or is there some difference in performance?

    I kinda like the 2443BW with the height adjusted stand. It has very nice optical specs and is pretty cheap. Also, I don't think it has been replaced by any newer one yet.