Confused about the Eizo ev2736

  • Hello

    Iam intrested in buying the Eizo Ev2736 but i have some questions for the Pros at prad that maybe can answer them.

    First how is it with the panel i have read in so many places that it is a samsung PLS panel in it semigloss coating like the AsusPB27q
    But then i look at the review on this page that it says ips and also on Eizos data also says ips so what panel is really used in this monitor

    Second kind of related to the first question i am very sensitive for agressiv coating if it is a PLS panel i think iam fine because of the lighter
    coating, But if it is a LG ips i have no idea, i have a Asus pa238q and i really dont like the coating on that panels when display white and other bright colors i see it very easy.