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    Hello folks!

    It has been a long time since I last visited.. or posted.

    The pictures I have in this review (behind links) are going off-line 30.6.2005. I'm moving in my country and also changing to other web connection provider.. hence I will lose the current webspace. Pictures will be gone.

    (I do have other webspace, more official one, but will not use it for stuff like this. Gotta keep 'em separeted)

    So if anyone wants to put my Lacie pictures anywhere else, please do so. Just download them and put them into your webspace.. and show them. 30.6 is the last day they are available. If you need them after that contact me via my profile or my website, and I can send the pics to you.


    - Sleepy


    Originally posted by Peacemaker
    Hi !!! I just found secret menu (advanced) in my NEC !!!
    There is RAPID MOTION option, default off - thats why my 3d animation was not so smoth !

    Alright man! Good to read that. So problem solved. Nice :) Sorry for my slow posting. I don't hang around much.
    Happy days to you. Enjoy the spring. I do :D

    - Sleepy

    You're welcome.. not that I could help you much.

    You know I was seriously considering S-IPS by LG too. Actually I was just about to buy it but then found these forums. And, as you can find in my thread on the "advisory" side, I got recommendations not to buy LG. It seems you got the same thing. I think trusting the pros advices is recommendable. And considering what they say about LG..
    If by any change you can get something else with similar panel, say a Iiyama, Nec or Lacie, and if not for much bigger price then LG, I'd say go for those. Should be a safer bet than LG.

    But in the end I am just repeating what I've read. And I think you have done more research about LG than I did. Good luck with whatever road you take. I for one wouldn't go back to CRT..

    Hiya Rista

    Nope, I do not see the "crystal effect". I said so in my review.. there it was "twinkling effect". I really don't know thow to describe it because I don't see it. Maybe I just can't see it (ooh lucky) or my Lacie doesn't have it. Either way I'm happy :)

    I have read somewhere that "crystal effect" shows easier when the panel is really close. So I went and stuck my nose very close to it. Still can't see the effect but looking at the panel is harder for my eyes.

    Just read through your thread. I do understand your frustration, have been there myself. If you have the option, go see some IPS and PVA panels side by side in a shop. That should decide it. Other than that, well, it is a tough call. As for me, this S-IPS does the job.

    Good luck!

    Hi Peacemaker

    I thought this would belong here more then after the Lacie review.

    About your issues..
    So you wonder how to use PixPerAn properly? Directions in the program helped me to use it.. but I'm not sure I did it absolutely right.

    At first it gave you info that 450 frames per second (FPS) was lost? That's just mad. What you said later that 2-15 fps were lost, that sounds more right.

    I get 1 fps lost, maximum. So actually 2-15 sounds quite bad. That could be the reason behind the choppines you get in some games. Maybe you're panel is pushed too hard to do 75Hz on DVI-D connection? I know, if it says it can do 75Hz, it should do it perfectly. And if it doesn't .. it doesn't make sense. But then again I don't know much. For example I have never before read about a panel that can do over 60Hz on a DVI-connection. Yours is the first for me.

    I understand the frames per second a user may get in games or where-ever has no direct connection to the screen freguenzy. If there was a direct connection, LCD panels would suck at games and many other uses too. But as we know that is not the case. So if you get better results running your panel in.. say.. 60Hz on a DVI-connection, use that. You're not missing anything.

    And, i still have hookups of the screen. Its much smoother on 75 Hz, but i'm wonder why i got hookups ? (in 3d games)

    By hookups I understand you mean that choppines/sort-of slow video moments/it is not smooth, right? So if "Its much smoother on 75Hz". Smoother than what? I thought 75Hz was where the your problems came out.

    But I must say that even if you tell all as clearly as possible, I can't help you. I'm not a pro. But maybe someone reading these has an advice.


    Gamma factor: 1.4125

    Flag test: b->w: 93.2%, w->b: 89.0%, b->g: 74.3%, w->g: 74.0%
    Chase test: 14(23.3ms), 14(23.3ms), 14(23.3ms)

    What Peacemaker said about the gamme got me thinking. So I did PixPerAn again and noticed I had previously set my contrast insanely high. I read the directions wrong :rolleyes:
    So following directions and doing it right I now get slightly worse results in "Chase test" as I can't see as clearly (less contrast). Also I get a lower gamma factor. Don't know if that's good or bad - probably neither.


    Thanks man, I'm glad you like the review and feel I got it right :)
    I messed a bit with PixPerAn (above text) but for the most part it is okay.

    Cheers :)

    I have tried a different color set, 6500k, and found it a bit too warm.. or so it seems to me. I haven't really played much with the settings. I suppose I could get more out of this screen if I went adjust-cracy, but I'm quite happy with the presets.

    Settings I use the most are:

    Day Text
    brightness 100%
    contrast 70%
    gamma +10%

    Day Movie
    brightness 100%
    contrast 65%
    gamma +30%

    Day Photo
    brightness 100%
    contrast 60%
    gamma +20%

    All seem to have the same color temp, R/G/B are all at 50. Color profile looks like 9300K.

    This screen doesn't have brightness like your Nec, so it often runs at 100%. I mentioned about the brightness in my review.

    I haven't tried America's Army but it is a tactical first person shooter, right? I have tested Doom 3 demo and just recently completed Half-life 2. I had no problems whatsoever. Draw your own conclusions. I don't care about the FPS in general, so I won't be playing more of these. Those two just had to be seen and HL2 I actually like.

    I use DVI-D connection and there refresh rate is fixed at 60Hz. I understand analog connection allows setting of 75Hz, but I see no reason to go there.

    25ms seems like S-IPS standard and looks way better than it sounds (when compared to figures of TN-panels). It is just a number, I wouldn't put much meaning to it.

    Hey Peacemaker

    Very nice review. Nothing "mini" about it, I say a complete review. And I did check you link to the review in Hardforum with pictures. I appreciate. And if I weren't already a happy LCD owner, I would have found this very helpfull.. and might have gone for a Nec as well.

    I like the way you write, some good humour there - a fun read. I'm sure many that have read this like your review. They are just keeping quiet. Good to read that this turned out to be the perfect monitor for you.

    Yes! Finally it is done. See my Lacie review in the English review section.

    Little over a week ago I got my last computer parts. Some days after all was running and a bit overclocked as well. Tested some Half-life 2. Soon after that I got a digicam for a loan from a friend. And some days after that he remembered to give me the cable to connect it with. And now, finally, a day after that I have the review for you.

    This is my little thank you to you guys for helping me out :D

    All pics are large in size.. so if you have a slow connection, prepare for a wait.

    For the other Half-life 2 screen the game was paused - hence the"paused" window. 2 screens from Half-life, one from doom.

    Rear Window (great old film, a bit grainy picture because old film)

    Lord of The Rings - Return of the King

    ..and two screens from Manic Street Preachers - The Greatest Hits (music videos)

    All pics are large in size.. so if you have a slow connection, prepare for a wait.

    A freeze frame from Lord of The Rings - Return of the king (extended edition of course). Here you can see it from a wide and then very very wide angle.

    Notice how the blocks above and below the picture are tinted blueish. You see this when viewing black color from wide angles: it gets a blueish or violet hue. Also notice how the actual picture (the movie) loses some contrast at extreme angles but otherwise stays pretty as a.. heh.. picture ;)

    A pic taken in a dark room. No color correction whatsoever. You can see that black is not true black and that backlight does bleed.. from the top and some from bottom edges.

    Sorry, I couldn't get any images to show here. Please click on the direct links to images. All pics are large in size.. so if you have a slow connection, prepare for a wait.

    I tried to take most photos in daylight and without a flash.. so you can see the monitors real color. No color correction in these images either. This one shows LaCie in its natural habitat ;)

    On the behind of my Lacie you see two cables (power and DVI-D) curving into the stand. I left some extra lenght there so it doesn't stop screen from rotating.

    ERGONOMICS, potrait view
    Here's a shameless self-advertisement ;) My fictional A3-size poster is set to fit the display. Here as well as in web browsing, reading documents and so on this rotation ability is useful. Can view things in potrait-form.


    Here it is as promised. I will do this in sections so you may choose to read only what interests you. Please remember all I tell is from my point of view, highly subjective. Even the "test" (see near end) is subjective, because the program needs a person to interpret what he sees and so come the results.

    Here's a link to LaCie's page (english) for this monitor. Please check that for screen specs. I find it more productive if I tell you my impressions and not repeat info you can get elsewhere.

    And a link to the thread on these forums that got me here. I found my monitor by the help of the pros here.. and I am thankful.
    Choosing the right S-IPS (or possibly PVA)

    I'm what you could call a demanding multi-user. My work and hobbies circle aroung graphics so I need a screen for that. Also I want some speed so movies look lovely and occasional games look alright. And I need some viewing angles too. This is my first LCD - I have used only CRTs before and am used to good quality. My main reason for a move to LCD was what CRT did to my eyes. After long days CRT hurts my eyes and messes my vision.

    + rather sturdy build, clear quite sharp lines, sort-of industrial look. Metal inside the stand bottom gives stability
    +/- edges are 1,6cm wide and somebody might want them narrower. I don't mind. Also the panel is not as thin as somebody might want. I don't care.
    +/- color is dark blue-grey. Blue only really shows in daylight or under a camera flash. I quite like it, some might not as it takes away the TCO2003 merit, hence the TCO1999.
    + tilts, swivels and rotates all I could need, also has height adjustment
    + includes a software for screen rotation, can be used with mouse or keyboard shortcut (nice)
    - swiveling is stiff enough the stand turns too when swiveling. So I hold the stand by hand when swiveling. It could also be that my desk (wood) is too slippery.
    + buttons are good size, sturdy and easy to read

    + on screen menu (OSD) is logical and easy to use
    + there is 6 presets to choose from +one setting for user to make - I use presets
    - doesn't have 5900K color temperature preset.. some might like to have it
    - does not have any drivers, runs as plug'n play-monitor. This means that all adjustements are done with OSD.
    - my LaCie is of old production series and has a problem with auto-setting button: in short it doesn't work. I don't mind though, I've got more than enough choises for settings.
    - does not have a "hard power switch". This means that there is always some current inside unless you disconnect from the wall socket. Is in no way a problem but some might like to have this switch.
    + has inputs for D-SUB and DVI-D and a button for swithcing between them on the fly. I found this very handy when for a while I had two computers, old and new. At the same time as I was setting the system up for the new computer, I was watching tv and browsing the net on the other.
    + has USB (one coming in from computer and two out)

    +/- On this these forums I have been told that it has the same panel as Nec1960NXi and Iiyama E481
    + On these forums there has been talk about "twinkling effect" that is a problem for some with S-IPS panels (such as LaCie). I have not seen this effect, I have no idea what the talk is about :)
    + colors in my opinion are natural and beautiful. For this reason I think this screen is, as marketed, a good panel for photo editing. I like it for graphics work. I think here LaCie beats my previous CRT (Samsung 959NF).
    + brightness and contrast are great and here it is the same as with colors compared to CRT. I really like the image my LaCie puts out.
    - yet I would like to have a bit more brightness available just so I could run the screen at less brightness. I guess it would last longer that way. Now all presets labeled "day" I use set it at 100%.
    - no true black colors.. a black screen shows this, it is sort of very dark grey. However I do not consider this a problem since usually you have other colors than black visible. Why would you want to watch pure black screen anyway? With other colors the contrast makes the black look black enough. This is why I believe "not true black" is not a problem.
    - backlight bleeding is there and can be seen on black screen but not otherwise. I do not consider this a problem as it only shows on black screen. And I have seen far worse bleeding (in reviews on the net).
    + not a single dead pixel to be found, maybe one color shifting sub pixel, but can't confirm that - nothing that I would notice
    + viewing angles are wide - only VA (PVA, MVA) can beat this
    + interpolation is in my opinion very good (see tv and games)
    + despite rated 25ms this screen is fast. I see no ghosting unless I go look for it. See more details below (movies&tv, games, test). Ghosting can be seen when scrolling a internet-page up or down very fast.

    + just great picture and no ghosting - makes me want to watch all my movies again just for the experience. I have gone through quite a few now.
    + I believe my TV-program runs at 800x600 when fullscreen. That means it is heavily interpolated but I noticed no problems.

    I'm not very big into gaming and not into first person shooters, but have now tried two giants of this genre: Doom 3 and Half-Life 2. Doom was tested on older computer (AMD 2100+, 1G RAM, GF4400TI) which run it at 640x480. Then later I tested it on the new comp at 1024x768. Half-life I have played only on my new fast computer at 1024x768 and 1280x960.
    + LaCie is fast enough for games. Ghosting can be found if really looked for but in my opinion is no issue. I just don't see it. Of course you can't beat a TN panel here, but I'm happy.
    +/- You might think not having so true blacks and backlight bleeding would be a problem in a dark ambience game like Doom3. Well, backlight bleeding is there but noticable only when looked for. Black is not true black.. but in my opinion close enoguh.
    + interpolation is good down least down 800x600. 640x480 looks a bit blocky but that could just be the low resolution.

    + great, covered under "PANEL"-title

    These specs may help some to decide and compare, for me they don't mean much. Test was done with a free program provided by You may ignore "streaky graphic" results. I didn't know what I was doing and couldn't quite get it right.

    Graphics mode: 1280x1024 @ 32 bpp
    Frame rate: 60.0 Hz
    Gamma factor: 1.5812

    Flag test: b->w: 73.0%, w->b: 73.2%, b->g: 84.3%, w->g: 80.8%
    Chase test: 13(21.7ms), 13(21.7ms), 13(21.7ms)
    Readability: Tempo 8
    streaky graphic: Graphic no. 3, Tempo 16, Gamma 1.00, r.exp 1.00, r.time 4.5, r.delay 1.0, f.exp 1.00, f.time 4.5, f.delay 1.0, s.tempo 16

    It must be very clear to you by now. I truly like this monitor, adore it even. And so I find it hard to see any downsides, but I tried to include as many as possible. I have been using this monitor for a month now. Verdict: highly recommended for user with similar needs - good for many things. Also my eyes thank for this decision :D :] 8)

    AMD 64 3200+ Winchester @ 2380Mhz
    DFI Lanparty NF4 Ulta-D
    1Gb Kingston CL3 value ram
    Asus GF 6600GT

    Pictures will follow..
    I must mention that the digicam loses some details in every picture, bright colors sort-of "burn out". So blame the camera (not my own) and me using it (not a pro), not the monitor.

    Also even if you can't read German check out another review on these forums. LkOpD has a long thread on LaCie with more pictures then you will see here.
    Lacie 19photon vision ( User)

    Helvetin harmillista, sori.

    I'm sorry to read your Iiyama didn't stand up to your expectations. I thought it would. Like I told you with my screen the ghosting is there, but only if I start looking for it. I did expect your Iiyama perform like my LaCie. Maybe it is so very subjective, maybe I just don't see it. Anyway I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted.

    I didn't know E481S was recommended for players. Suprising. For gamers I would recommend only TN panels. And S-IPS for those that want multi-purpose and are picky about the colors.. like me.

    Just an hour ago I got email informing that my new motherboard is on it's way. So, if my computer build goes well and that machine awakens, works and stays stable, I can give you a LaCie review. In a week I hope.

    Hei Snaques

    Another Finn, welcome!
    Interesting. So Tomshardware claims IPS-panels are not so good at gaming.. Well usually I like and mostly trust what Tomshardware writes, but now I have doubts.

    Of course I can't say much about the Iiyama E481S-B, I haven't tried it. But as it uses the same panel as Nec 1960nxi and my Lacie -and having read this thread you know this- I say it is just fine for gaming. My Lacie is so Iiyama should be too.

    I haven't yet done any real game testing, will do some later with a new computer. But I tried Doom 3. Only way I can see any blurring/ghosting with it is to spin/turn around as fast as I can in the game. If I keep doing this I notice I slight softening in visuals. But really, it is nothing you will notice unless you start looking for it. And movies, even fast ones, don't show any afterglow. Movies and TV look beautiful and in my opinion it easily beats a CRT.

    Understand I can only speak for my Lacie and of course it is just my opinion - very subjective. Still I think your Iiyama should be okay. Can you by the way tell me what you paid for it? With shipping costs, tax and all? I'm curious because the best price I could find for it here in Finland was 605 euros.

    Hey thanks Totamec!
    You really went a long way just to help me. Good thing german lacie service could say what it is about. I don't know if their Finnish service would have known that. I didn't call them, only emailed. And for some reason I got reply's from the Swedish service and man they were slow replying. Your call cleared this thing up. So thanks again.

    Hmm, old series. I would of course like to have the latest thing having paid for this and all, but since I have no pixel errors I guess I'm doing just fine. I mean if I would insist and get a replacement panel from the new series, there is no certainty that the new one would be dead pixel free. That DVI problem is so very small and otherwise the monitor just kicks ass.. so I'm ok with this ;)

    Review coming up.. eventually.

    Hello folks. Just a minor update to this thread..

    Only "real" problem with my LaCie photon19vision is this: the auto adjust not working and giving OSD message like "Digital video input no access". Of course I can still use the 6 available presets and the make my own setting.

    About a week ago LaCie tehc support replied me.
    They had no solution, not yet. They did ask if the cable was working ok and "Has the video signal from the videocard has switched to DVI interface?" So Weideblitz they are wondering the same as you did. But what I told you I told them: I don't know how the switch to/enable DVI-interface on my graphics card.

    Tech support was also ready to replace my screen because I appeared to have 11 dead pixels. Actually I found out I have none. Just dust and maybe, just maybe, one color-shifting sub pixel. So no problems.

    I'm still waiting to test my LaCie with a new computer. Maybe that DVI strangeness disappears. Also I will do a review for you guys once I get that new comp set up. But I'm still waiting for the motherboard (A8N-SLI). It was supposed to come over a month ago but the import company just keeps giving empty promises, wrong dates.
    But eventually a LaCIe review will come.

    Happy days to you all!

    Hiya Weideblitz
    ..and thanks.

    Yes, those dead pixels don't bother me. I can't see them unless I bring my face close to the panel and scan it step by step. Then, while changing background between R/G/B and white and black, I can find some colored pixels but zero truly dead. No problem.

    About the lack of drivers.. yes, it doesn't seem to be no problem.. just like you and Totamec said. It works just fine as a plug and play monitor.

    That other problem
    "Button for Auto configuring the screen gives only a OSD message Digital video input no access"

    What you said makes sense - maybe DVI port on my graphics card is not activated. But I can't find a way to activate it. There's no separate setup for my graphics driver. I'm using Nvidia driver version 66.93 (WHQL). My card is GF4400 Ti. I have checked pretty much all options these drivers offer for the desktop, but can't find anything related to DVI. I checked DirectX diagnostics as well and Bios too just to be sure. Nothing.

    But then again in two weeks I should have all parts of my new computer here, and perhaps this problem doesn't come up with a newer graphics card (GF6600 GT PCI-E). I will find out once it is set up and (hopefully) working.

    Thank you for your reply and advice.

    EDIT: Oh and like I mentioned earlier in this thread, I have asked LaCie tech support about these things.. still waiting for an answer.

    Yes, you did have good reasons for Sony. I sort of guessed. I have read good things about it as well (at in english). And if with a good discount.. yea, enjoy =)

    I agree the tech is not yet mature enough. We can only search and search for screens suited to some needs. There's not yet an all-in-one-super-deux-ex-machina-solution ;) Man, my eyes told me I need a LCD almost two years ago and I have been hoping the TFTs to deliver ever since. There're not quite there yet, but I have something that suits me. After last couple months of looking around and lately (most importantly) thanks to to people here I found it. I hope Sony is just the ticket for you.