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    I recieved the following e-mail from LG UK:

    -----------Reply to Customer Enquiry------------
    Thank you for your email. This monitor has the S-IPS technology. UK Helpdesk

    -----------Original Customer Enquiry------------
    Received Date : 06/02/2005 22:03:17
    The type of inquiry : Specification
    Product/Model No. : Monitor/L1930P

    So should I believe LG?

    I hope it has ISP panel because I bought it today ?(



    anybody know the panel?

    The Prad guide says pva.

    LG told me by e-mail S-IPS.

    I am really considering to buy the LG 1930P but I can't find any review about it ?(. Aparently its brother the 1930B is quite good.

    I wonder if the monitor has an IPS panel so suitable to play videogames sometimes.

    anybody has the monitor?



    Found this site:

    Technologie IPS (L 1930P)
    - Résolution max : 1280 x 1024 à 75Hz
    - Interface numérique : DVI
    - Fonction pivot : mode portrait/paysage
    - Temps de réponse : 16 ms 8o
    - Luminance de 300 cd/m2
    - Contraste de 700 :1 8o
    - Angles de vision de 170°
    - Fonction FLATRON Engine

    If this is true the monitor would be a dream....

    Hi again tomatec,

    In the database the 1930P panel is a mva. are you sure the 1930P is an IPS? I know you don't like LG. I agree with you that is not very considering at all with the customers and unforgivable to change the panels of the monitors.

    The main reason why I am not totally convinced about the iyama 481 (it has a LG-philips S-IPS panel, isn't it?) is the poor ergonomics, specially the lack of height adjustment (I used the Dell 1905FP for 2 weeks and from now on ergonomics is very important for me ;)). I am also a bit reluctant in buying a monitor which is been in the market for more than 14 months and its difficult for me to believe that IPS panels didn't improve at all in the last year.

    I can believe after 1 month looking for the perfect 19 LCD I still without find it.... ?(

    I have seen this monitor in ebay new for a good price (surplus from a company but new). The ergonomics are fantastic and I wonder how good can be with games and office use.

    I read that the Iyama 481 is one of the best but I think both of them have an S- IPS panel with 25 ms so I presume the performance would be similar so if the LG 1930P has better ergonomics + best looking + a bit cheaper.... ;) but i am a bit concern with the garanty cos I am a second buyer...

    My PC use:

    30% office
    40% internet
    25% fast games
    5% films

    By the way I have bought a Dell 1905FP which I am returning cos of the quality of the colors (washed out and oversaturated browns)

    I tryed the color profile of that guy and it doesn't help. I can't believe how bad are the colors, specially the greens and browns in dvds and games.

    i am very disapointed with this monitor specilly after reading these 2 reviews where they say the monitor is very good:

    I wonder if that people try to watch a dvd or put another TFT next to the dell. Even my girlfriend told me to return it when she saw my old LG 575 next to the dell in dual configuration.

    However for office work and the internet is very good; perfect text

    I got the dell 1905 3 days ago and I am dissapointed.

    Very good ergonomics and text so perfect for working but the colors are washed out and there is also some ghosting so I thinking to return it and buy the Iyama 481s.

    Its a shame cos i like the dell but I can't cope with the colors :( .

    I got the dell and i love the look and the ergonomics; amazing for working.

    But I dislike the colors; they are washed out and I couldn't tune it to get better picture so I am thinking to return it. There is also some ghosting even with the mouse pointer ?(

    The good news is that I found a website selling the Iyama 481 for the same price that the Dell (they drop the price by 15% this week =) ) so I am considering to buy it.

    As long as I know the 481 is very good in everything including games but it doesn't look very pretty (thinking in the silver option).

    Thanks for your recommendations,


    thanks for all the answers.

    I don't have lights below the ceiling but I have the monitor on a table with a sunny window behind and other on the left (almost 1 meter between the monitor and windows). Very sunny place in a summer morning even in England ;) .

    Hi sleepy,

    thanks for your answer.

    The reason why I am considering the sony is because i have a friend working at sony who can get the monitor with some discount (don't know how much cheaper yet) and on top on that I have read good things about the display in this forum in German. I prefer the viewsonic but is quite expensive in England (£400 or about 560€).

    Besides I have bought a dell 1905fp (on sale for 435 €) which is going to be deliver on Saturday and I am thinking to return it because aparently is not as good as I though.

    Its a shame that the technology on 19 TFT still no mature enough so we have to spend weeks looking for a good display at fair price....

    thanks Tomatec for the answer.

    do you think the Sony SDMHS94PS is better than the dell 1905FP?

    I haven't found any review about the Sony but it has very nice specifications like 12ms etc.

    In komplett (its a german company i think) the Iyama 485S price is £269.

    I have read more opinions in forums about the Dell 1905 FP and might be better than you think. Some people say it got the same panel than the
    Samsung 193P. And nearly everybody complain about the excessive brightness of the monitor 8o.