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    While the (German language) review here on Prad is very positive, the author of this (short) review at IT Week is not happy with some aspects of the monitor's color reproduction. So much so that it gave it a total rating of only 3 out of 5 :


    It reproduced images with good clarity, but lacked the ability to accurately render some near-white tones. In other words, off white hues simply appeared as white. We also noted that some high-intensity colour hues were tinted incorrectly.


    Original von miomao says that the AU Optronics MVA panel (ViewSonic VP191 8ms) is much more faster than Samsung PVA counterpart.

    (BeHardware is the english branch of

    Thanks for the link!

    I think it shows (again) that not only the panel type matters, but the electronics that runs it is very important too. For instance, I have the same AU Optronics panel in my current Dell 1905FP, and I do not consider it suitable for gamers.

    It's a shame they didn't include Eizo's L778 in this test, because it's also a Samsung overdrive PVA panel and has been found very capable for games and video in other tests.

    Eizo use their own electronics and processor and I hope they will bring the best out of this panel in their new s1910. We will have be patient and to wait for tests results ;)

    Someone has started a database of the different panels supplied with the 1905FP:

    This is an effort to try to figure out if there's a connection with monitor colors, supply date etc.

    All owners can add their data here:

    It seems that there are also different versions Samsung panels. All in all, it's quite a lottery :rolleyes:

    Maybe this will ease your decision making: Dell USA doesn't even sell the dual-tone (silver) monitors at all, they all midnight gray (black). I wonder why. Is it because they feel far away enough from Sweden (base land of Tco) :) Or are American eyes just stronger? :D

    Check out their 19" monitor page:

    I guess many people find the black more beautiful and for most that counts more than a little ergonomics. Tell a woman that high hill shoes are bad for her health, would it stop her? :D

    Anyway, the ergonomic penalty is probably not that big, if it was I presume responsible makers won't be producing black framed monitors at all.

    A white frame will also fail to get a TCO03 certificate. It must not be too dark nor too bright. Black frame is harsher on the eyes when working with bright screen and white will be harsher with very dark screen. Grey, silver, beige frames are the best for the eyes. The TCO people are not stupid. However, having a TCO03 monitor won't help if you're going to use it in a dark room. The room should be well lit at all times ;)

    Dell is possibly ready with a new generation monitors with super MVA (overdrive) panels, and is now getting rid of the old models. 30% discount is a pretty good clue ;)
    I speculate that they have been releasing some future panels in present models as a real life test.

    Hey planschkuh, I think you should be really happy with it. As far as I understand, this AUO panel is an overdrive MVA, 8-12ms! Not bad for this price :D. To get the bars black just reduce the brightness. Dell sends it with 100% brightness but 30% is more than enough even in daytime. At night I reduce to 20% and I never watch in a dark room.

    Enjoy 8)

    That's true, all machine translations are quite terrible, thanks for your offer ;)
    What I meant in my post was that thanks to your link I was able to check my 1905FP (manufactured February 2005, delivered April 5) and confirmed it has the 'real' Samsung panel :) Also it's nice and handy to be able to enter the 'secret' factory settings...

    Ein schwaches brennendes Pixel zeigt Grau in den meisten Situationen. Alle drei Farben sind dort aber schwach. Ich habe keine Idee zu, was Kategorie pixelfehler sie gehört. ?(

    Es ist jedoch, eine der weniger beunruhigenden Fehler...

    The above was machine translated. Here is the original English text:
    A weak burning pixel will show grey in most situations. All three colors are there but weakly. I have no idea to what class error it belongs. It is however, one of the less disturbing errors...

    The following has been automatically translated with Google. I'm sorry, that's the best I can do. Hope it doesn't look gibberish :D

    Ich sein glücklich mit mein 1905FP aber nicht 100%

    - Schöne und scharfe Superabbildung
    - sehr gute körperliche Justierbarkeit
    - 4 usb-Tore
    - Absolutly Schlechtes durchaus (kein pfeifen Sie kein Summen):

    - Langsam, bin ich nicht ein gamer, ich spiele nur "Virtual-Pool" einmal, es bin weit verlangsame auch für dieses sehr alte Spiel! AnandTech und andere sagen ist es schnell genug, sage ich, daß es nicht ist.
    - Keine feine abstimmende farbe/gamma aber sie können es mit dem grakadienstprogramm tun.
    - Keine schnellen brightness/contrasttasten.