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    I want to buy a TFT display, since my old 21" medion CRT is hard on the eyes for extended viewing.

    Im going to use it for internet viewing, text writing (word), online poker, movie viewing and a little gaming. The games also includes FPS, but i don´t demand optimal quality of the gaming expericence if it in any means would comprimise the eye comfort.

    So. I´m hoping you can help me point out what i should look for, when choosing the optimal display for eye comfort!!

    - I am currently most hooked for a 19" with a resolution 1240*1024. Does size and resolution affect eye comfort?

    - What about the panels? - Are there any diffenrence between the different types of panels concerning eye comfort?

    - I have noticed that some displayes have different coatings? - are that important?

    - What color are the best for the display. Some says that black is bad for eye comfort? - correct?

    - And anything else that i haven´t thought off.... (which properbly is a lot)


    Could you furthermore recommend any specific display for this purpose. Price range are very flexible....

    Thx in advance