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    we need a new TV around 55" size with smart & internet capabilities and connectivity. Some brand name models that fit our budget are :.

    Telefunken T55 FX287 DLBPOSWX-T2 & T55 FX275 DLBPOSWX-T2
    Grundig 55 VLE 6621 BP
    Sharp LC-55CFE6352E

    We are not looking at the time for 4K capability.

    What would be your advice for the above models?

    Thank you

    An Eizo 24" S2401W that we have at work which i know its a TN, looks ok to me. Has issues with vertical angles of view but i can compromise with that. I guess its more than 6 bit colour technology which is why performs well on grayscale tonal ranges. The thing is that these monitors despite being TN they are too expensive for this particular purchase and usage i itend to buy a new monitor for.

    Unfortunately i can't afford a non-TN monitor :( . So i am searching for a good TN graphics performance monitor that can play fast games without issues and costs less than 300 euros and is either 22" or 24" ..

    I am in search of a monitor to replace my good old 19" (18") CRT Viewsonic G90f+. The requirements are bit contradicting though .. So looking for a good middle of the road solution ...

    The monitor is used for general home use mostly gaming, browsing. From what i gather all current monitors have fast enough response times and dynamic contrast to cope at least adequately with games. I do want to have nice rich colours in games like i used to with CRTs (not washed out blacks and / or flattened darks or highlights etc)

    But apart from that, i need the monitor to be able to show the full range of colours and tones of sRGB or (hopefully) AdobeRGB spaces, provide deep blacks but not flatten dark or light tones, have a good tones scaling performance.

    Thats because i am a graphic designer and i occasionally do some graphic work at home (photo editing, some print work, even games artwork, etc) and i need some acceptable graphics performance from the monitor.

    I havent decided yet if i am going 22" or 24", i only know its not gonna be smaller than 22" nor larger than 24".

    Also i seriously need to keep this purchase under 300 euros ... (otherwise i might had just gone for a trusted Eizo S202WBK)


    I borrowed an LG W2452V for testing and i didnt like it. The colors/tone range, in games and bitmaps, graphics, wasnt good enough, quite poor performance in this aspect. Dark tones were all welded to black, while color depth visual experience was bad, colours were flat and bit washed out, lots of banding and in general behaving like 256 colours monitor, not even 16bit ... (HD video was looking very nice though). Plus it had a horrible blue-greenish hue that wouldnt get totally rid off no matter whatever settings ...

    We have amongst all other monitors at work also a bunch of 20" Samsungs 205BW. These little monitors oddly enough behave very well image quality wise comparing to that 24" LG. I wouldnt mind if the monitor i am looking for would be like a 22" -24" version of those 205BW Samsungs. (would that be maybe the 225, 2253, 245, series?)

    So, here's a list of monitors that can be found where i live and which i think after few days of research that MIGHT be what i am looking for, and within budget ...

    Samsung 245 B [COLOR="SlateGray"]270[/COLOR]
    Dell S2409W 24'' (16:9) [COLOR="SlateGray"]255[/COLOR]
    Dell S2309W 23" (16:9) [COLOR="SlateGray"]216[/COLOR]
    Viewsonic Optiquest Q241wb [COLOR="SlateGray"]200-210[/COLOR]

    Samsung 225 BW [COLOR="SlateGray"]230[/COLOR]Samsung 2253 LW 250
    Samsung 2253 BW [COLOR="SlateGray"]270[/COLOR]

    HP W 2228 H (+hdmi) [COLOR="SlateGray"]230[/COLOR]
    HP W 2216 [COLOR="SlateGray"]240-250[/COLOR]
    HP L 2245 W [COLOR="SlateGray"]255[/COLOR]

    24" on the budget limit:
    Samsung 2493 HM [COLOR="SlateGray"]330[/COLOR]
    Samsung 245 B+ [COLOR="SlateGray"]314[/COLOR]
    Samsung 2443 BW [COLOR="SlateGray"]300[/COLOR]

    Those Dells seem like a bargain, but their low prices for their brand makes me suspicious, and also i am not so sure yet if i can go 16:9 instead of 16:10 , with the latter being my preference.

    This would be my first own LCD monitor.
    any input is welcomed

    Thanks :)