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    I own this monitor for about 2 weeks now. I'm happy with it. Brightness is ok, but could be higher, contrast is ok!
    The monitor supports HDCP via HDMI and DVI which is quite nice.

    I really enjoy watching movies on it!

    I asked if the monitor had 1:1 pixelmapping.

    They answered:



    If you set the monitor to ''optimal resolution'' you'll have 1:1 pixelmapping.


    Is this true? :S Is ''optimal resolution'' a setting in the monitors menu?

    Many thanks!

    I have Spyder 3 Pro , but I'm not going to connect the monitor on the computer.
    I'm going to connect a mediaplayer probably the new 'Xtreamer'', so that i can watch films on it.
    Ofcourse I'm going to use HDMI. Next week I might order this screen , any things I should know before buying this screen?
    Compatibility issues? I guess not right? As long I use HDMI with 1080p everything will be allright I think.

    Any other monitor suggestions? I've reconsidered the Samsung 2333HD , but when I saw the review of that on prad I didn't want to buy it anymore.
    I also reconsidered theLG W2261V-PF and LG W2442PA-BF but I don't really like LG , so I didn't go for those either.

    So what's left is Samsung 2494HM? My budget is around 250 euro's , a bit more doesn't matter that much.

    again , many thanks for answering. I love this site.


    Sorry this question will be in English.

    The monitor was calibrated right?

    When the monitor was calibrated, was it being done in the monitors menu setting or with hardware like ''Spyder 3'' ?
    If the monitor was calibrated manually could you give me the settings for gamma , brightness ,contrast?

    And also does this monitor has 1:1 pixel mapping?

    Thank you for answering