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    Well, thank you but I've made my choice since July 2009 :) I'm using the LG and I'm satisfied. Wide gamut is not the better invention as a lot of applications does not support color profile.

    When using it with color profile aware applications, and after calibration, it gives good results.

    I'm not suffering any inconvenience during games.

    I'm looking for a monitor for every day usage and need some advice.

    Size : 24" or 26"
    Aspect ratio : 16:10 only
    Usage : 20% movies, 30% gaming, 10% photo processing, 40% less demanding usages (browsing, music creation, programming)
    Price : 500€ max (may consider up to 600 if needed)

    I have excluded TN screens because of my need of being able to do some photo developing. But I don't want screens with input lag or very high response time to be able to play or watch movies without major drawbacks.

    One of the monitor, I've noticed is the LG W2600HP-BF, but its price is increasing, it is becoming more and more difficult to find and finally the fabrication quality seems to be quite random.

    I can wait one or two months, if some new ones that would satisfy my needs will be released.

    Thank you for any suggestion.

    Edit: And what about the Philips 2409W9ES ? I could not find any review.
    Is it really worth avoiding TN panels or is it possible to be satisfied anyway by such panels ?