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    I see you have reviewed the PA271W. Here are some other displays that my serve as an interesting review subject:

    Apple LED Cinema Display 27"
    Dell U3011
    Hazro HZ30Wi-Q
    LaCie 324i
    NEC PA301W
    Quato Intelli Proof 240 excellence LED
    Quato Intelli Proof 242 excellence
    Quato Intelli Proof 262 excellence

    That isn't what I suspected... I have the DataColor Spyder 3 Elite myself, with the upgrade to the version 4 software.

    The version 4 software features some testing functionality:
    - Display uniformity measurement
    - Delta E color deviation for white and 50% grey
    - Gray scale tracking measurement
    - Whitepoint measurement
    - Measurement of the x and y coordinates in CIE 1931 xyY color chramacity diagram for the red, green and blue extremities
    - Contrast measurement
    - Gamme curve measurement

    I'm thinking of buying an i1Pro, however I do not want to lose the testing functionality, but the i1Match does not feature that functionality. The DataColor software does not support the i1Pro as measurement device as far as I know. Do you know any commercially available software that features at least the same testing functionality and supports the i1Pro as measurement device?

    I would like to know whether or not has stopped translating their monitor reviews to English. The last translated review is that of the LG Flatron W2443T, which is dated the 3rd of May. There are already 20 newer reviews available on the German part of this website, the last one dated the 15th of November (yesterday), which means you are 6.5 months behind on translating.

    It would be a pitty if the newer reviews would not be available in English, because in my opinion the monitor reviews are the best reviews around. My German is not that good, I can read it, but it takes quite a lot of effort to fully understand. Also, with the reviews in English you can address a much broader public.

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