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    Currently, I use the Samsung SyncMaster 245t and I have some issues with performance:

    a. Aspect ratio control is limited (e.g. 1:1 is not possible on HDMI, I have ~5% overscan!).

    b. The AR coating is plainly visible (from 30cm viewing distance).

    c. Due to lack of emulation, sRGB is not possible.

    d. Occasionally, panel-based artifacing occurs on rapid movements in high contrast settings.

    e. The fan is distinctly audible.

    In order to justify an upgrade, I would like to address these issues in addition to sticking with 24" 16:10 (although I'd consider close alternatives),
    and obtaining proper 1080p24 playback. In terms of usage, I prioritize video (maybe 50%), do some light gaming (~20%), and the rest of the time
    I'm mostly internet-ing (30%).

    In Canada Newegg, NCIX, and MemoryExpress are some notable computer hardware e-tailers, but a quick search with will unearth
    some of the more barebones sites (which nonetheless can have better offers). My budget is pretty flexible; my monitor is something I stare
    longingly into more often than I'd care to admit.

    Before I was considering the Eizo FX2431, but I've taken a look at the recent German review of the HP ZR2240w here on PRAD and it looks like a really solid,
    affordable solution. I mean, if ~1200-1500 dollars was what it took to get a premium video monitor, I'd do it; on the other hand, if I can get something comparable
    for a mere ~450 dollars, then I can be satisfied. We might finally get some decent OLED displays this year, after all...

    Any thoughts?

    Hello PRAD,

    Thanks for continuing to write what are, IMHO, the best monitor reviews on the net!

    I recently took a look at the German review of HP's ZR2440w with Google translate, and was delighted
    to discover another "Very Good" monitor that supports 24p! However, I couldn't help but notice that it
    scored only "+" for DVD with external devices in comparison to "++" via PC.

    Can you elaborate on this?

    Currently, I use the Samsung SyncMaster 245t; quite the heavy lifter back in 2007, however my
    model lacks the firmware for much needed additional aspect ratio options (e.g. 1:1 is not possible on
    HDMI, there is ~5% overscan!). It also has an audible fan, the AR coating is noticable from 30cm distance,
    there is no sRGB emulation on this wide gamut panel, and occasionally there are motion artifacts with
    action games (I forget if they have a specific name, but I believe they're normal for this panel and
    very speedy high contrast content?).

    The ZR2240w looks like it might be a real upgrade in that it offers 24p, aspect ratio control, silent
    operation, and proper sRGB emulation. I can do without the analog ports. But I have to ask,
    what is the AR coating like on this model? Is this really the upgrade I think it is?

    Hello everyone,

    I was reading the review for the Eizo EV2333WH-BK and generally pleased with the results!
    After all, I am looking to eventually replace my SyncMaster 245t; I find the anti-glare coating
    is rather grainy and what with the technology overall being as old as it is there's plenty to be gained
    from an upgrade.

    What's left me scratching my head with the review is that despite the mention that "The Eizo EV2333WH can play back copy-protected material via its digital inputs with ease thanks to HDCP support." within the DVD and Video portion of the review, the conclusion cryptically laments that "External player devices such as Blu-ray players or games consoles cannot be run on the Eizo EV2333WH."

    Equipped with HDCP compliant DVI-D, how is it not the case that the Eizo cannot support external Blu-ray players and the like? Is this perhaps a translation error or typo?

    HDCP support via both DVI-D and DisplayPort at the global webpage is confirmed here: