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    Yes it uses the Samsung LTM230HL01. But as I said: The difference is negligible for you. Important is the precise 10bit LUT which allows for lossless transformations of the input signal.

    ok, so you tips Eizo for 10 bit lut, even if it is 16:9 format.
    how much LUT have Dell and HP monitor?


    Very similar but the anti reflex coating is less aggressive ("semi glossy").

    is it better?

    thanks. your answers are very useful for me.

    thanks for answer.
    really has eizo FS2332 a native 6 bit panel ?
    i know that eizo utilizes a native 8 bit panel + afrc. is this incorrect?

    another question: what are the differences between S-PLS and IPS panel. has S-PLS panel the same qualities of IPS panel ?

    best regards.

    hi, i have a question:
    for photographic use, is it better EIZO foris FS2332, HP ZR2440W or Dell U2412M?

    The first have a S-PLS panel with 8 bit and 10 bit of LUT.
    The second and third have a e-IPS panel with 6 bit + AFRC, but is 16:10 format.

    I prefer HP ZR2440W. is it good for photographic use?

    sorry for my bad english