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    I bought access to this review, but I miss more information on the display coating. I'm looking for the EV2736W as my new main office monitor for both graphics, CAD, office work and photography, and I'm a bit worried that semi-glossy means "almost glossy" and thereby is unsuitable in a office enviroment lighting (CFFL lighting form the ceiling). So just how glossy/semi-glossy is it? I had a Fujitsu P23T-6 FPR 3D in the lab of my office for a short period, and it was very annoying to use because of reflections of both myself and the room in normal lighting (couldn't use it, so returned it for a Dell U2711 which was much better coating-wise).

    So do you think the AG coating is good on the EV2736W is good when it comes to actually reducing reflections in an office, or would you reccomend that I go for another monitor with more AG coating? How glossy is it compared to Fujitsu P23T-6 FPR 3D? And how good is it in reducing reflections compared to Dell U2711?

    PS. Sorry for writing English in here, I can only read German but not write :)