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    Hallo everyone,

    I do apologize I can't write german.

    My question regarding the new cg247 is about the panel: I've read here it's manufactured by LG, anyone knows if it's the LM240WU9?

    Then, would you go for it or for the actually cheaper 246?

    thanks everyone

    best regards


    Thanks for your answer Denis; I'm going to "test" again the quato this afternoon. They have also the new eizo cg and I hope they'll let me take a look at them as well.

    My doubts are mainly connected to the "low" price of the quato (rgb led technology should cost much more, even today I suppose; in fact the NEC 21 ref led was as expensive as a car :) and due to the fact it has the same panel of the dreamcolor, that didn't seem to work so properly,

    I hope it hasn't got hidden failures that will come out only after intensive usage,

    thanks again

    Hallo everyone,

    this is my first post here, and I do apologize by now for my english, I'll do my best to be understood and to explain properly what I'm looking for or answering at.

    So here we are:

    I work as a photo-retoucher and I own a NEC spectraview reference 24", an Eizo CG243w and a Cintiq 24HDT. I need to buy a new monitor due to staff enlargement; actually I'm using the NEC one, that I prefer to the Eizo one, but I'm a bit concerned about Eizos, because of my first display of this brand, an horrible and suddenly retired by eizo itself CG242w (if I remember its name properly), so I may misjudge the 243; of course it's an excellent display, but I'm not satisfied specially by its viewing angle and sharpness that are absolutely worse than in my first NEC display (21" reference LED).

    The 21" was the reason I didn't buy a second Eizo, but the nec itself (that I had been using at a colleague's studio). Sadly the Nec broke, but i was AMAZED by the way I was assisted as a client: a swap monitor was sent to my working position (that could have been anywhere in Europe, and in fact they've sent it to me not at my usual studio but due to my request where I was working at the time) within a couple of days while the 21" was taken into assistance.

    I had after a week the communication from Nec that my display was effectively misbehaving and due to the fact it wasn't in production anymore, but still covered by warranty, they had sent to me a (at that time brand new) 24" reference.

    Finally you know why I own two different displays, and now I'll explain why I'm thinking of adding another brand:

    the reason is mainly that I've always been fascinated by quato displays, at the time of CRTs, but I wasn't able to afford one.

    So now it would be like a small conquer to buy one, but I wouldn't buy it just to have it, it would actually have to deserve its name and its price.

    So I'm asking to anyone, who owns or has worked with a quato 240 led, their impression and suggestions.

    I have tested the display for a jiff and was well impressed, enough to buy it (I could get it for 1500€ ex taxes), although I'm not looking for a bargain but for the best display actually produced.

    Also, I'm not so able to understand reviews, that seems indeed to prefer the eizo cg275 as flawless, while quato is reviewed as the best LED display but with a major flaw.
    Nec spectraviews have very good reviews as well.

    In the end they seem to suggest ezio or nec to quato.
    Am I arguing correctly or am I misunderstanding?

    thanks to everyone, even just to have read so far.