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    My first monitor was pretty wiggly too.

    Come to think of it, I could not get it perfectly horizontal, the right side was about 10 -15 mm higher up all the time. I know, sounds pretty silly but I did notice it and it did bother me. My replacement monitor is more stable (still less stable than Eizo, but a lot better) and stays straight.

    Regarding the whine/humming... aIthough I usually keep my brightness at about 110 for evenings/nights and 140 for daylight retouching, I just tried a bunch of higher settings and I have to regret informing you this monitor is dead silent at all brightness levels. And I tried it in a very silent room with my ear right above the screen. I don't remember hearing anything from my first screen either ( would have noticed it).

    I would def. send Nec an email and explain your situation ( don't bother going through your seller, Nec helped me out in 3 days), because your monitor sounds (pun not intended) like it may be one of those monday morning ones indeed... sorry man.

    Hey there, new forum member here from Belgium ( but I have been lurking PRAD for at least ten years, ever since I bought my first Eizo and was searching for reviews).

    I have the PA271Q and I can truly recommend it. I was rather dissapointed in the last offerings from Eizo in terms of uniformity and backlight bleeding (my EV2750 was really bad) so I took a gamble and went for the NEC.

    I think in terms of uniformity the NEC offers the best you can get these days in an IPS screen. There's an option called DUC (uniformity control) which has a slider with 6 settings, I keep mine at 4 and this makes for a very evenly lit screen. Mind you it is still not 100 % perfect but I really don't think that is even possible with IPS. It is certainly and absolutely good enough and I am very, very strict about these things. :p
    Working in PS and Illustrator is simply put a joy on this screen.

    The black levels are really good for IPS - compared to a old EIZO VA screen it's not a whole lot of difference and that says a lot. There's also a filter that makes the IPS glow (the silver shine when looking at an angle) more like a very dark purple/black effect, which is not nearly as annoying. I hardly notice it.

    It's just a very pretty, punchy, clear and sharp image you get. Very impressive.

    Now, I do feel like the EIZO screens do have better build quality, the casing of the NEC is kinda flimsy to be honest - compared to every EIZO screen I have ever owned. They had to cut costs somewhere I guess.
    I had my first PA271Q for about half a year when I noticed some very annoying dust particles behind the screen, no idea how it got there but it did and there was no way of getting rid of it.
    But I emailed NEC directly, attached a picture of the dust particle, and they sent me a brand new dust free screen - it took three days from sending the email to installing my new screen. They give you a few days to install the new screen and after that the old screen was picked up by a courier - that's as customer friendly and hassle free as it gets imho... and that's why I'm sending this reply - I feel like they deserve the praise.

    So yeah go for it this screen is awesome. I really don't get why this screen has so few reviews and is so unknown, NEC needs to advertise their screens a lot better. The only other reviews I found are on some Polish forum...

    I realise I sound like a NEC shill here bit I assure you I am not lol :p